Peter: We should wait.Mature

"What was she doing?"

I turn to look at Phill, then I look at the demon that is retreating. I walk over to Phill then put my hand on his shoulder.

"We should recuperate. There's no sense in chasing after her, not that I see."

Then Flutura walks to me, fire burning behind her blue eyes.

"You took out Phill! You could've handed them the battle! A strategy doesn't work if you're missing key parts of said strategy!"

I backed up and took a deep breath. I held for a count of six, then blew out.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't aiming for him. I just didn't see him. But, I wasn't just going to leave him there. I wanted to make sure he was safe, so I brought him inside the house. Which is where we should go now to rest and recuperate."

Her face went red. Then Phill cut in.

"He's right, it was just an accident. And besides, we won didn't we?"

Then Lady Luna walks over.

"The monk is right, we shouldn't follow the demon or else there could be greater dangers. We should stay and rest."

Then Luna and Flutura both looked at Phill to see if it was alright. Phill nodded.

"Yeah, I agree."

I smiled and we all walked into the building. Then I turned to Phill.

"Just so you know, you're form on the battlefield with a sword is terrible. I've mastered Fencing, Kendo, Tahtib, Battojutsu, Haidong Gumdo, Iaido, Kenjutsu, and Silambam. Using a mixture of these I'm sure we can find your personal style."

Then, after hearing his reply, I went to find a bed to sleep in.

"A warrior's mind must be as honed as his body. For then, he body will be too fast, and his mind will say, 'where did my body go.'"

To which I sleep.

The End

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