Phill: Power, and magicMature

As we continue on fighting demons the 100'th general shows up breaking , crushing , and worst of all incenerating the earth. The pressure of pure power wieghed us all done.

"Thats new." Peter says with standing the pressure without using any magic , I had to admit I was impressed by the will power of this man. I swing the my blade in a brutal fashion slicing a huge gash in the side of a minor demon shoulder.

"Now return!" I command spinning and jumping up, then bring the sword down cleaving the demon in half. I look for the lady lune the demon noble. Lexis wasn't too far behind her. Where was Flutara?

"Phill what happened to you?" She calls from behind me.

"I made a mistake and mistook him for a demon. I brought him to saftey." Peter explains.

"We don't have time for this." I mumble angrily catching another demon in the air slicing it in half. I look at Lexis and Lady lune. The demon general wasn't taking any damage. I  guess it was time I showed what I could truly do no matter how much I didn't want to reveal my posistion to more powerful demons , but right now it was do or die.

"Cover me for a sec." I ask.

"Alright." Flutara says.

"Whats he doing?" Peters asks.

"Watch."  I mutter , I felt like an idiot standing there but I could feel the power building up around me.

A red swirl gains up around me I could feel then energy growing and building up like a storm inside the red turns to, orange, then green. It stopped there I felt lighter and much stronger. I sweep the sword around energy knocking down demons around us.Minor demons began fleeing from the battle grounds as my power emanates and comes hand in hand with the 100 th general.  Lady Lune looked at me if I was insane and maybe I was.

"Ah the young fool who brought an end to his own world." Her voice booms across the field," Maybe he wants to bring an end to himself." She sneers , I didn't find her all that intimdating or insulting.

"Why don't you stop talking and try to end me then." I said in a bored tone before leaping into the air sword in hand. I strike down at the enourmouse demon general in its third form. A wave of pure magic hits the demon causing it some harm it returns the hit with a ball of flames the size of a two story house. I brought my sword back and casted an Ice spell of equivalent power  upon collision of both spells an explosion  covers the battle grounds knocking those unprepared backwards. I charge forwards the general forms a sword of flames , and nearly liquified rock. She swings down,I bring the sword up blocking at a costly price my legs buckled. Pinning me agianst the ground.I build enough energy to blow the flame sword away from me, I get myself up quickly my eyes locking onto hers, trying to guess her next move. Nothing was going to be given away in those demonic hate filled eyes.

"Feel the wrath of a thousand frozen spears." I say throwing my left hand out, and I blasted her. She howled in pain and tried to return the blow but I was nowhere inthe vicinity of raging fire as I slice down across her torso.  I lung forwards energy surrounding my blade she steps out of the way the sword missing her by inches. I swing towards her hitting her side then energy releasing tearing her tough skin.I bring the blade back. Power grows around her as she swings at me I block.

"Your not at your full potential boy. Do you think you what your at right now is going to change what you have done." She sneers she slices again, this time I fail to block this time, and i'm flung across the street my arm hanging off by a few muscles. I hold in the pain.

"I'm disapointed. Is that all the boy who brought the end of the human race can do?"Anger brewed inside , that pissed me off. I started give it all I had energy flowing around me healed my near loss of a limb. Something told me to stop inside but I couldn't now I had to prove I was stronger. I reached my limit, and I rushed forwards with everything I had. My blade met hers and a great deal of energy released and she slid backwards.

"Thats more like it." She said, she was about to say something, but I cut her off as energy streamed around me. I sliced down she was unable to stop me now, the pendant began to glow as more and more as I got stronger. After a few more blows she mustered all the energy she could, find and charged our blades meeting in a violent clash. The pendant blinded me and before I knew it the demon general turned around in retreat.

"What was she doing?"


The End

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