Peter: Demon scum.Mature

I was wandering the forest when i came across a horde of demons. Trying to avoid a fight, I walked a bit quieter, but then I saw about 4 people begin to attack the demons. I was shocked, can 4 people be that bloodthirsty?

I decided that I should help them. I clench my fists and I walk towards the horde. Luckily, I am carrying a flank for the other 4 people, as no demons are looking my way.

After a few minutes I'm close, and I lay my opening strike. I punch a demon in it's back. The strength and force of the blow leaves the demon on the ground stunned. Then I propell myself off of him and kick another demon in the head.

I continue to use my martial art skills on the demons. Then, accidentally, I kick a guy with a blue jacket in the back. Realizing that this was one of the 4 people I saw earlier I was shocked.

I picked him up from the ground and carried him in my arms to the sidelines. I found a house that was made out of a rock that looked like moonstone. And I jumped through the window. I let him down gently on the ground.

Just when I think he's safe, I hear the grunt of a demon behind me. I stand up slowly and turn around. I stare at it for a moment, then I run towards it. I jump, then propell myself off it's head onto the wall behind him. I propell myself off the wall and just as the demon is turning around I kick him in the face. He goes flying down and I land on my feet on the ground. Then I clench my fist, run quickly to the demon, I jump and then I land on the demon and I start wailing on him. After about 3 hits, the demon is dead.

I stand up and notice the man that I kicked standing up with a sword drawn. He has it pretty near me and I clench my fists and get into the proper stance to disarm him.

"Who are you?" He asks me.

"My name is Peter, I am a martial artist. I was teaching Ba Gua downtown when these demons began raining from the sky. Sadly, none of my students made it. But, I was able to."

My fists were still clenched, and I was still in stance, but he decided to withdraw his sword.

"Ok, my name is Phill, I destroyed the moon and brought the demons here. I'm sorry."

"No, it's ok. You didn't know what you were doing."

Then a couple demons come through the window, one attack Phill and he begins to cut it with his sword, but the sword doesn't seem to do much damage. Then I see his form, it's terrible, he can win battles but it'd be much easier if he knew the form. I'll have to remember to teach it to him later.

Meanwhile, the other demon jumped at me. I rolled onto my back and put my legs in a kicking position. The demon landed on my legs and I rolled backwards, kicking him up and then I propell myself up with my arms. I have my back to the demon and hear it standing up. Then I do a roundhouse kick to the demons face, and it falls on the ground, dead.

"Wow, you're strong."

"It's all in the form."

Then we both he climbs up and walks out the window, I simply jump and do an army roll at the top. Then we continue slaying the demons.

The End

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