Flutura: planMature

So much has happened today, fighting demons, making friends with the renegade demon noble...meeting phil. I drop onto the floor and sleep.

 A moment later a red wave of energy blasts outward shattering the windows in the house and knocking everyone down, and in the darkness do I see a demon from legend, a general of the 100 demon army.The demon noble and I are perfectly calm, though mine is a mere mask.

"We're going to have to kill that if we want to live."

Phill turns his head and looks at me like I'm crazy "What?"

"Thats her sister, another princess, only that one's a pain in the arse."

"How would you know?"

I smiled mischeviously "I snuck into the base in disguise, duh" I sighed "Anyway, we just need to use the element of surprise, sneak up on her, flaunt our weak points and when she goes for them, attack"

"You make it sound so easy"

I smiled at the other two girls "You two up for a good fight"


"Fight my sister, I don't know...." she smiled "I'm in"

"Good. Four on about 101, thats unfair"



I sighed "They should have brought more. Come on! Oh, Phill?"


"Use your pendant, the moonstone will help you channel your powers, just feel what you have to do, it's gonna be alot easier for you"

Phill nodded, not looking completely convinced.

"Heres the plan: Lune, you go in first, when your sister sees you, that should cause a distraction. Lexis, You go in next from the side, I'll approach from the other, and Phill, when you see an opening attack the evil princess.  We clear?"

They nodded

"Good. positions, Phill follow me, I have a vantage point for you"

The End

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