"Nice place, I comment unstrapping my belt holding my sword on my back and setting it along the front enterance.

"Thank you and you may have noticed the only presences you can feel is the people in this house." Lexis said.

"Meaning no one, demon can detect us." Flutara said.

"This place must have taken ages to finish unless your rich or have a private sythentic moon stone factory somewhere." I point out.

"No its all real moon stone." Lexis tells me leaving me shocked.

Some time passes by and I find myself sitting on a large windowsill looking into a pitch black moonless night. The problems I have caused, and how much I miss the silver moon rays have me look into the past. Where did I get the power from, and how did so many demons find me?  I look out deep into the darkness and see flashes of energy, and magic.A fight?A demon going into a release?  A moment later a red wave of energy blasts outward shattering the windows in the house and knocking everyone down, and in the darkness do I see a demon from legend, a general of the 100 demon army.The other three run to the army, and see the same thing I see, everyones face held a look of terror except for the demon Noble she held calm.

" We're going to have to kill that if we want to live." A voice says.

The End

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