Well well well, who would've thought? Amy Chaplin. Gosh, I forgot all about that fight... That was fun. Ha-ha.

After Amy... Flutura, gave Phill that magical pendent and stood up saying, "Well, now that's done, where are we all staying tonight?"

Nobody speaks, not even a word. I sigh picking up a random stone, throwing it into the far distance for no other reason than the fact I felt like it. "I know a place."

"Really, where?" Lady Lune bounces around me.

"It's a secret. Can't say it 'cause of the demo- bad guys." I smile, walking faster.

I blindfold each of them until we get inside the house. "Welcome home, guys." I murmer as each one stares in awe at the gleeming house. My best kept secret.

The End

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