Flutura: PendantMature

"Flutura there is no need to protect me. Please don't put your life on the line for me.I can protect myself just fine"

" Then what about earlier,and you seemed to have needed the help of these other two.Tell me one reason why you don't need help or protecting" I crossed my arms and smiled as he turned bright red


" Thought so." I smiled and the other two girls giggled

"Fine but don't get yourself killed for me."

"So what are your names? My name is Phill Sanune,and thanks for helping me."

"Lady lune, demon noble"

"Lexis small, not a demon, not a noble" Lexis blows her midnight hair out of her eyes.

"Oh my goodness! Lexis small? As in champion fighter Lexis small? Theone that drew in a four hour battle against Amy Chaplin?"

"Yeah, why?"

I smiled "Amy Chaplin was one of my many cover names, I was hoping to see you again" I turned to Lady Lune "It is a pleasure to meet the renegade noble face to face, thank you both for helping protect mr clueless over there."


"Sorry Phill but you are" I smile "Oh! That reminds me, I have something for you"

Phill raised an eyebrow at me as I reached in my hidden compartments.

I pulled out a glowing silver box and knelt infront of hm again as I have been taught to do "Phill Sanune, inside this box lies the most powerful item you will ever come across. It is a pure moon stone, thousands of years old and one of a kind. It is only to be worn and used by the last Sanune, you." I opened the box to reveal the pendant "Universa orbis, presto vestri fatum. Complete the circle, fulfill your destiny. Sic is est written, sic is vadum exsisto. So it is written, so it shall be done"

Phill took the pendant from the box and put it on with great care, he must have been taught the stories then.

"Well, now thats done, where are we all staying tonight?" I smiled and got off my knees

The End

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