I was definetly surprised,and slightly wishing she hadn't found me.So many cascades have died on our behalf, now it was just her, and in a similar way I'm the last Sanune.

"Flutura there is no need to protect me. Please don't put your life on the line for me.I can protect myself just fine" I say.

" Then what about earlier,and you seemed to have needed the help of these other two.Tell me one reason why you don't need help or protecting." She remarks, and I turn a slight shade of red from embarrasment and anger, I had just lost this.

"I I I."

" Thought so." she said , as the other two girls laughed. I sheath my sword.

"Fine but don't get yourself killed for me." I mutter, then turn to the other two. 

"So what are your names? My name is Phill Sanune,and thanks for helping me." I say.

The End

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