Breaking the SilenceMature

I was laying in a tree, just laying there, not making a sound. A demon camp was below me, so I couldn't make a sound. Three knives, two swords, one me. Like clockwork I jumped from the tree silently. All of the demons were sleeping, it was good to get them while they were vulnerable. I pulled out one of my swords, the curve of the sword on the neck of a demon. One slight move downward. Not a sound. I continued this until all of the demons were killed.

I put my sword back, satisfied. Then I herd a russle from the bushes. I jumped back to my hiding spot. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, the princess of Hell, right before me. She was looking at my work, frowning. 'The princess of Hell... The princess of Hell...' I kept on repeating in my head. Not a sound, not a swift movement, nothing. No sound. Then she dissapeared in smoke.

I let go of a breath that I had been holding in. 'The princess of Hell...' Never again was I to face her, not like last time.

The End

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