Flutura: History lessonMature

I leapt through the branches, leaving no trail for the moronic demons to chase. I was searching for fighters (one in particualr), my skills are limited as a person, I mean sure I've been taught global fighting but still, alone you can only do so much.

My dad named me Flutura because it means butterfly, I live up to the name I suppose, dad always said that watching me fight was a beautiful thing. I scanned the forest.

"Die!" I smiled, where theres a demon yelling, theres always a fighter or two.

I jumped down from the trees to see two girls and a boy, a demon is one of them, cool. A demon began to sneak up behind the boy and I leapt, snapping it's neck.

The boy looked at me with a confused expression "Whats with all the girls?"

"Oh, so you don't know eachother. Okay then." I smiled at the boy and then my face dropped, he can't be......he is! "I am Flutura Cascade, daughter of Geniveve and Johnathon Cascade, I am honored to meet you" I bowed in respect

"Do I know you?"

"No, we have not met but I have been looking for you"

He groaned and I could tell he was annoied, another person out to get him.

"Phill Sanune, our famillies are fates are intertwined, for as long as our history goes back the Cascades have been bound to protect the heir to the Sanune's. I am the last Cascade and I am honored to serve you, sir" I knelt down and put my hand over my heart .

His eyes were wide "No.Way"

The End

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