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"What the hell?" I gasp as a shortis girl takes a demon down with a knife, there wass a female demon too, she helped me as well. I was shocked, but didn't have time to register any of this, there was one last demon. It jumped over us its arms looking like some gross canon, a light growing inside it.

"Crap." I murmur, trying to form a shield as it fires.I was temporarily blinded and couldn't see anything, My ears were ringin, I couldn't feel the hilt of  my sword in my hand. The light disapears and i found my self surrounded by smoke, I was still visionly impaired, and my ears where still ringing.  The smoke was easy to clear as I gather up a gust of wind, before me was the demon, and beside me the two new arrivals. It grinned and surprisingly spoke english.

" Your efforts are futile before me.Die." I guess he wasn't the chatty type. The demon roared , and began to glow a demonic white, as it changed forms into something the size of a house.  The demon took one step, and the ground shook like an earthquake. Its mouth was a gaping hole of darkness and its body seemed to have blue lines running around it. Why is it I lose my weapon before the real battle comes. I look into the eyes of the others they didn't seem scared,and it all seem like we understood it was time to attack.  We run forwards as the fist the size of a boulder impacts the ground beside us. An explosion of blue goes off, behind us and moves us forwards but does not send us flying. I jump up above the demon.

Its fist reaching up to get me, I cast a spell of electricity lighting strikes from my body, and hits the boulder sized fist. I land on the shoulder of demon, then I realized I had no idea what I was going to do next. The demon flings me of like one would wipe crumbs off a shoulder. I slam into the ground, I laid there motionless for a second.

" That was stupid." I mutter

I get up, the two girls were keeping the demon well occupied, giving the demon brutal wounds. Thats the problem about being big as a house you tend to not be that fast , and there is lots of places to hit. I look behind the demon, and I see my sword sticking out of the ground.  I race forwards making a sharp edge with my speed and energy. It hits the demon, leaving a huge laceration on its let side of it body. I grab the hilt of my sword and spin around it.  I pull it from the ground, now I was ready.

The End

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