Persophone: powerMature

"Madam, we are currently winning in the human world, our soldiers are too many and too powerful for those weak and puny humans" I smile at my favourite and most loyal warrior.

It was all thanks to that one stupid human, who decided to destroy the moon and release us into their world. Daddy was ecstatic, he is one of the few demon elders, and so that means me, one of his many children, help him rule the underworld. Well all my brothers are up there commanding the others on how to fight, so it's just me and my other sister, but she is always doing something like messing with humans minds because she finds it ‘so fun'.

‘Well Agares, I think it might be the right time to go and see how this puny little earth is coping with this.' I get up from my throne and grab my staff ready. I stand in the center of the room and then disappear in smoke.

Appearing on earth is fun for me, I come up inside a ring of fire, on the top of a hill, admist the fighting, and see everyone stare at me. Those that are closest and not fighting bow down to me- this is what power is, and I like it.

The End

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