Lexis Small: Ahh hell - literally.Mature

"Ah hell," I mutter under my breath. Two live demonds ahead turning in on a boy, their eyes glowing with annoyance at their dead... friend? Nah, not likely, more like fellow solider... I don't know what that is, and to be honest, I have more pressing things to deal with like, for instance, how the hell I'm gunna get out of here without having to fight.

I'm honestly not normally this lazy, really I'm not. It's just that, hey, I haven't had any sleep in the past goodness, knows how long. From the left something catches my eye, instictivly I push myself further back into the shadows cupping my hands above my eyes to look.

A demon reveals herself, catching the eyes of her fellow kind who look at her hungerly. Something about her seems different, I look to the boy who stupidly moves his attention to the demon behind him. The other demons lunge, the boy whirls half way around, not sure where to turn as the other demon leaps forward.

"Why do I always have to help?" I sigh, running forward. The boy decides to focus on the two demons attacking, the other demon leaps over him - in a very ninja-like fashion - and tackles one of the demons away from the boy.

The boy's shock shows on his face like a single red rose in a black and white room. I sprint to the other demon forcing it to the ground before it can attact the boy or the good-demon-girl.

"You guys are seriously, starting to piss me off." I whisper to the demon before I grab a knife from the floor and pirce it through its heart.

"What the hell?" a voice gasps behind me.

The End

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