Phill: SmashMature

I charged some energy around my legs in a form of spring and jumped over the skyscraper. As I reach my highest point , I begin to head towards the smashed ground a group of soldiers tried to take  down large demons with rifles. That was never going to work the energy that surrounds a demon will slow the bullet down substaintally and and it will probaly hit its tough hide an drop to the ground like a foamie ball. I grab the blade thats sheated on my back, and with force it infront of me. I do a front flip and hit the ground sending both groups sprawling backwards.  I hold the large three foot long blade across my shoulders, it was also about half a foot thick across its flat side.  The demons stand up immediatly and lage fireballs are sent at me. I skillfully slice through each boiling hot ball of fire. The soldiers that I saved  stand up behind me, and telling from the way there energy that emmanating from them, that they weren't sure to shoot me or let me kill these demons.

The group of demons charge with overwhelming energy building off them, the soldiers collapse to the ground from the pressure, I am unphased I let energy build up around me. 

" Let  me lead you back to where you came from demon!" I spit as the first on leaps torwards me.  A small flash of yellow comes from my palm of my hand, and  hits the demon in the chest blowing it back, a burning gaping hole shows in its chest.  With my other hand I slice a group of demons back , energy shoots off from my blade like a wall they are slammed through the stone stuctures behind them. All the demons here are far from death. I turn to the group of soldiers.

" Go , run , they will regenerate there wounds , I have just inflicted! Run!"  I yell just as a demon leaps onto my back and stabs me through and 7 scythe like claws. I I gasp , flames seem to go through my veins. The demon whips its claws back and the blood begins to poor. Unlike any average human, I can somewhat regenerate, but that means I have to flash more strength, out and right now, I was trying to stay low.  My sword clatters to the ground, I fall to my knees. I smile as my body seems to get lighter, a red swirl begins surround me the ground begins to shake a little the wounds begining to close, I begin to stand.  The demon who had my blood dripping from its oversized claws seemed to show an emotion of curiosity.  My sword shoots into my hands. 

I lunge fowards and swing the demon blocks and slides back a bit, leaving a small scrapes on the beaten and cracked road, I bring the sword up across its chest a red flash consumes the sight of the ugly thing. As  the red flash disapears, I bring my sowrd down, cleaving the demon in hald and leaving a crater in the ground.  II spin around catching another demons fist , and giving it a small slice across its knuckels. It roars in loudly revealing smelly green flames , in its hand builds up a powerful amount of energy, I bring the flat side of blade down to block.  The demon releases it and I find my self flying backwardwards, my skin burning, and being fried. I flip over so my feet are parrel to the ground and attempt to stop by shooting energy behind me but, I can't. I'm consumed in green flames.

I hit something hard and go through , and come to a halt on a cold tiled floor, I push myself fowaards and shoot of the house. I'm stronger than these demons, but I can't bring my energy to the same level or everything is finished.  I slice up just as a demon blinks into view its blood in the air , as I spin around and cut it again. 

"two, down, three to go."

The End

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