Demon MoonMature

A 15 year old boy named Phill Sanune a powerful human being with unbelievable strength is brought into a orrible plan to bring demons back to earth, by destroying the moon which for the longest time has kept the biggest portal leading to the demon world dormant. Unrealizinly knowing the results Phill destroys the moon. Now seeks a way to stop the never ending hordes of demons.

It was me and them , I was out of breath , and outnumbered by ohh bout 15 to one. I was out of options, also at the time I didn't realising that I could destroy the moon releasing myself to full potential. It was complete overkill. 



It all was en elaborate plan ro get me cornered and to destroy the moon, that had the demon gate baried in the middle of its solid core.  Now every single human stands in harms way because I underestimated myself and, to save myself. Our defences fail each day fending off demons. I need to find a way to stop it somehow. I need to make it right.

The End

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