Comet : Losing My Temper

We all walk into the busy coffe shop, I smile as soon as I catch the sent of rich coffee. "It's kind of busy, maybe we should g..." The fox girl started to say but I ignored her and walked over to the counter at the other end of the shop.

I smile at the humans as I go by, their faces full of shock, but they quickly turn away from me and basically run out of the shop. I turn back to the fox. "You were saying?" I ask, looking right into her eyes.

Hmm, she's harder to read then most but I can clearly see the fox inside desparet to escape. She tears away from my gaze and looks around the empty coffee shop. "You've made a reputation here I see." She says, making me smile sweetly.

I push the monkey boy into a seat and sit next to him, there's no way I'm letting him out of my sight.

A waiter comes from the kitchen and looks around at his lack of buisness. He sees me and his green eyes getting bigger. I stare right into his eyes, making him look away. I don't like it how all these humans past judgement over others but how no apparent need to tell their views.

"Hello Bobby. How's about getting us some coffee?" I say, my tone cold and hard. Bobby tuirns back into the kitchen to get our coffees. I look at the others, not looking away before they do first. They all have the same reactions, confusion.

"Talk monkey boy." I say, squeezing his arm hard. He winces but keeps his mouth shut. I roll my eyes and turn to the wolf. "What?" She says, uncomfetable with my eyes. The fox smiles at the demon wolf. "Ask us anything sweetie then it's our turn to get answers."

Bobby comes out and puts the coffee down on the table with shakey hands, he spills mine all over the table. I jump up and grab him by the collar, lifting him off of the ground. "You're going to pay for that human." I snarl at him, my temper  firey.

A hand goes on my shoulder. "Don't hurt him! All he did was spill your coffee!" I turn my head towards the wolf girl shocked. I throw Bobby to the floor and scowl at her, my eyes burning into hers.

She's done what us demons were never suppost to do. She's got feelings for the humans. How can she have emotions for the humans?

I grab the retreating monkey demon and pushed him down onto his chair again. "Next time you try that and I'll break your legs, got it?" I snarl at him, not taking my eyes off of the wolf.

The End

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