Xannya- Bus Ride

Why had I never sensed a single demon, till today? Who were the Panther, and the fox? Why did they want me back? Who was the monkey? And more importantly, what was he doing here?

"Tahi," I looked at him, he seemed frightened, but still resilient. "Thank you. I'm sorry. Bye" If the demons were after me, I could not stay in the orphanage. I would endanger everyone's lives, the children, Tahi, and even Marlow. A human like Marlow was rare. He wasn't just good, he was pure. This Earth could not afford to lose him. 

"Wait!" Tahi yelled, as he ran after me. But I knew I was more than twenty times faster than an Olympic runner. Before long, he was too far behind to catch a glimpse of my hair. He never stood a chance. "I’m sorry," I mumbled. I felt a single tear roll down my cheek. I had never cried before in my entire life. But then again, I had never truly felt like part of a pack till Marlow rescued me. It was like leaving behind my family. Family is important to wolves.  

I may not have had the answer to any of my questions, but I knew the Monkey and Fox would. Their scent was overbearing. It seemed Foxie was following Mr. Monkey.

"Mind if I join this little chase?" A dark figure ran along beside me. "Just out of curiosity." She added sleekly. I didn't answer. I really didn't care. She wanted to watch, fine. She too was a demon; she had all rights to be there.

I noticed the monkey hop onto the shoulder of an old man. What a cliché way of getting a free ride. The Fox entered the bus from a window at the side. The panther slipped through the "Emergency Exit" door, moving swiftly and silently, such that I barely noticed her slip through. I simply jumped in through the side widow, and hopped on a four seater, where the other demons were all lined up. I don't think the monkey even realized we were next to him. The bus doors shut and the vehicle began moving. The monkey sighed with relief, before turning to face his seat-mates. I think his heart stopped. I heard him gulp. The fox looked at me.

"Why won't you come home" Wow, this foxie got straight down to the point. There was no need to fight, we could just talk this out.

"No, no." The monkey interrupted. "Why are you'll following me? Leave me be, ok?" He spoke to us as if we were retarded. "You," He pointed to the fox, "What do you want with me." He paused and turned to me, "You!" he pointed accusingly, "I have nothing to do with you! Why did you follow me!?" And then the panther, "And you...." he looked into her eyes for a moment, "Your eyes are really pretty, but stop staring, it makes me feel uncomfortable, and get off this bus!!"He was agitated. 

"Why had I never sensed a single demon, till today?" I started to spill out my questions like a motor jet. "Who are you?" I said pointing to the Panther, "and you?" pointing to the fox? "Why do the the demons want me back?" Still to the fox "Where did you come from?" At the monkey, "And most important, what the hell are you all doing here?" I finally took in a deep breath. I had finished those questions all in one breath. I don't think they got a single word, cause they looked at me as if I was speaking Japanese.

"Sweetie," The fox finally replied, "to answer some of your questions, the demons needs your research, that’s why you were sent here in the first place, right? And one more thing," The angelic look disappeared from her face, her eyes squinted and a smile erupted on the side of her lips, she looked more like she was interrogating me, "why didn't you return."

"And where are you going?" The panther chuckled, gripping onto Mr. Monkey’s shirt. He seemed to have been trying to slip away, while we were preoccupied.

"Crap...." He muttered.

"This is just getting good, Monkey boy." The panther pulled him back on the seat, and crossed her knees, "and plus," she stared at him as he shuddered and shifted to the edge of his seat, "how can you leave without answering the little Wolf's questions.” His muscles tightened. We all stared at each other for some time. We all needed answers.

“This is the last stop for today, please exit from...” an announcement played as he bus came to a halt.

“Shall we?” The panther pointed to the open door. “We can continue this spicy little conversation at a coffee shop. I know the cutest little place.” She smiled at the monkey, “And you aint going anywhere.” She held tightly on to his arm. I could see it turning blue. He shuffled uncomfortably out of the bus with the rest of us. The fox grabbed onto my shoulder. Did she really think I would run? We proceeded, following the panther, in utter silence, reserving conversation for the coffee shop.


The End

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