"Hey monkey boy!"

It's Clyde.

"I didn't get a chance to introduce myself, I am Adaleya--real name, not cover."

It was a cool name. Pretty even, though I rarely use the word. But what did she expect me to do? Give her my real name? Yeah right--I hadn't even known her for five minutes! And, unlike her, that wasn't something I just threw out at people.

 Besides, those who heard my name had a tendancy to disappear.

"That's...er...nice," I said, leaping down to give my aching hands a rest, "Now, if you don't mind," I spotted a nearby bus, "I've got a mission to get out of."

I sprinted towards the bus stop where I lunged towards a businessman, shifting to my other form in midair and landing primly on his shoulder. He entered the bus and payed the fee before he finally noticed, but I was already back in human form and heading down the isle towards one of the only empty seats in the back. I plopped myself down on the smelly, leather seat next to--I gulped noisly--three frightfully familiar faces.

Maybe I should learn to gaurd my intentions as well.

The End

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