Adaleya: Mokey Boy

The human was being stubborn, I wasn't aware how accepting they could be, why did I have to take this mission up? Focus Addie, just follow your instincts, FOCUS!

I smelt something strange and coughed "What is that smell?"

"Maybe it's her" thewolf poined behind me and I rolled my eyes

"No, I knew the panther was behind me but this...." I inhaled the scent again "No way" I had never met a demon of this sort before, "No way" I ran toward the scent, my instincts taking over slightly, face shifting. I pounced on the 'boy' and growled.

He looked shocked, not sure what to do.

"Your one of us aren't you?"

"Only if I choose to be-which I don't, you can get off me now"

"Only if I choose to-which I don't" what? theres nothing wrong with using a perfecty good line! I caught him roll his eyes and he shifted, making me jumpoff.

"I knew it!" smile "I am sorry about scaring you, I was told this was a rescue mission but by the looks of it....apparently not" I sighed "I do however have a mission, return the sister tribe's lost fighter home. Sorry but I will be back" I ran off in the direction the monkey had gone, his trail was clear f you were looking for it, a few scratches and dented bars that are seemingly innocent but are so not.

"Hey monkey boy" I see him swinging by his feet, smiling to himself "I didn' get the chanceto introduce myself, I am Adaleya-real name, not a cover" I smile.

The End

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