Jax--Girl Trapped

"And this is an orphanage, foster home thingy," Gary muttered, indicating towards fairly nice building, "I don't know much about it."

I froze, to say the least. I could sense not one, not two, but three fellow demons near. And, if my sense were correct, a fox, a panther, and a wolf--great. Maybe I wasn't as free as I thought.

"That's nice," I forced an open grin and looked down the street, "Hey! What's that over there?"

"Where? The street's a dead-end."

I already knew that. I was hoping he didn't.

"Oh," I chuckled uneasily, "Sorry I just thought I saw a cat or...something." I needed a plan B, and quick.

Thud. It came from within orphanage, foster home thingy. There was indeed something going on there--something I most certainly did not want to get involved in.

"Well this has been awesome, but I'd better go find my--er--aunt that I'm staying with."

"Wait, what was that?"

"Probably nothing. Could you help me find my way back?"


But it was too late. It was always too late. Sometimes I wondered if my very name meant 'too late.' A flurry of fur rolled out snarling, growling, hissing, roaring, and barking all at once. It was Gary's turn to freeze. Noticing this, I shoved him down the sidewalk, "Run!"

He obeyed--good. I--wham! The fox lunged at me from out of nowhere and knocked me on my back onto the cold, rough pavement and pinned me there. Though I was somewhat dizzy from the impact my head took, there was no mistaking that furry face morphing into one of a demon's.

A girl, judging by the chestnut hair that fell in my face, causing me to splutter. I had been taken down by a girl. And, as if to rub it in, the two other demons came up behind were also girls.

At least they were all easy on the eyes.


The End

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