Comet - Human Name Carmen

Many more people come into the shop, make a few sales, then go again. A big cheery man walks in, his feet thumping on the wooden floor. "Carmen, so good to see you are doing well. I'm going to take my shift now you can stay or..." I quickly walk out the shop.

Carmen, that's my fake human name. It's kind of like Comet but not. The man in shop's name is Boris. He works in the shop too and always tries to get me to work with him but, having my animal being a Panther, I don't like to work with people too much. I prefer to do things by myself.

I walk over and jump onto the stone wall. Many don't notice by but those who do quicken their pace. That's one thing I don't like about humans, they make their minds up about people due to what they act and look like. Us demons don't, partly because we don't show much emotion towards eachother, well, Panthers don't.

I streach out my tanned arms, hearing the joints click, then put them down again. The wind starts to pick up a little, sending my black air into my misty dark blue eyes. I pull my hair into a ponytail and jump off the wall.

I'm going to find out what that Fox demon wanted. I head towards the orphanage gracefully. I always find it best do resreach things first then go in. I walk around the massive house until I come to some tree near the windows. I smile as I start climping quickly. I am soon up the big oak tree, I lay down on one of it's branches and extend my sences.

The End

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