Comet Mist

I sit on the stone wall eating a red apple. I watch as a fox demon walks towards the orphanage. Hmm, quess they are coming.

I jumpof the wall and start walking to the shop gracefully where I work, my longish black hair shining. I know that if I was in star light it'll sparkle as bright as stars. I open the door of the shop and walk it. I smile and stand behind the counter.

A old women comes in and comes over to me. She advoids my misty dark blue eyes. Most people do, they say that I see their souls when I look into their eyes. A small smile appears on my tanned face.

"Mirror. To sell." The old women says and shows methe mirror. I lookat it in detail. I nod. "How much?" I ask the women. Her green eyes never going tomy eyes. "Fifty." She says, her voice croaky. I snort. "No way. 25 at the max." I say to her. She shakes her head. "25 or not deal. It'sthe best you're gonna get around here." I say. She looks into my eyes.

Finally! "Now, give me 15 and 10tip." I smile and she does what I say, her hand shaking. "Don't tell anyone."She croaks at me and hurrys off.  I laugh, Ican't believ that she think I can see souls. I'm much worse then that, I'm a demon on a mission. And no one willwant to get on the bad side of this demon.

The End

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