Adaleya: I will not fail

I have a mission, a mission I intend to accomplish, I will not fail.

"Adaleya, you understand?"

"Yes Father" I looked him strait in the eye, being sure to look stern, that was always my problem, apparently I look too 'cute' ugh! It is disgracefu for a demon to be called 'cute' especially one from my family, based on pride.

"What is your mission?"

"To scout the human world and return with our sister tribe's missing fighter"

"And what will you do if something goes wrong?"

"It will not. I am sure of my mission and I will not dissapoint you. I am a shirigama, shirigama's do not lose."

"Good. You are to leave immediately, do not let me down" My father rested his hand on my shoulder and then left. That is the way my father displays affection, no hugs, no kind words, just some simple contact like he just did.

I close the door behind me and charge towards Hima's house, she's the only one who can create an acceptable portal though she's only twelve, in human years anyway. Hima's waiting for me out front, her face patient and kind "You leaving?"

"Yeah. My father wants me to leave now, the sooner I get there, the sooner I can accomplish my mission and bring pride to my family"

"And here I thought we were the loving type"

I snort "Right, loving demons, thats almost as funny as my father loving humans"

Hima rolls her eyes "Try not to break too many hearts okay? You've got enough admirers at home"

"I'll do my best" I sigh

Hima closed her eyes, instructing me to do the same "Safe passage" and then I feel a strange breeze. I'm here, well...this is interesting. So very....dull. I walk toward the town, making sure I look as sweet as possible. Get ready, here I come.

The town is crowded and it is very hard to find something you don't even know the appearance of. I've only seen her once, a breif meeting to discuss battle strategy with the wolf demon's, since our ancestors were cousins we tend to not attack eachother, it is a shame though, the wolf demon's have very good fighters with them and I'd very much like to spar with one, maybe I'll get my chance here.

"E-Excuse me" I approach a few human who look like my age "D-Do you know my friend?" I hold up a picture I managed to get from my father's study.

"I think I've seen her before, John! Do you think thats...."

"Huh? Yeah, it looks like that girl from the orphanage"

"Where is the orphanage?"

"Just around the corner, if you go down to where the sign is, the one that says ridley drive and go left from there, you'll see a big yellow building on the right"

"Thank you" I smile

"Did you want us to take you?"

"No thank you, thank you so much"

"No problem."

I begin to walk away, in the direction the human boy told me thank goodness the stories about nice humans are true.


I turn, the boy who helped me was looking me strait in the eye. "I didn't catch your name"

"It's Addie" I smile and walk on, I will not fail.

The End

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