Xannya- Human Beings

Human Beings, how vile. Look at them, small insignificant, selfish little ants clawing their way to success. They make me sick. Hypocrites, they speak of love and brotherhood while holding knives behind each other’s backs. How disgusting. I have four years to research and study human beings, before returning to my own realm, where we can plan an attack on these lowly creatures, and rid this world of their filthy presence. It’s going to be like a four year diarrhoea trip.

 I sat on the pavement, my head in my knees, as a dirty, scruffy little beggar girl, watching the disgruntled faces of the humans as they passed me. I could have scratched out their eyeballs, but that would blow my cover. I had to wait. Then he came. Tall, muscular man, with a scarred eye and large moustache.

 "Poor thing," he mimicked, "do you have any parents?" A slave trader. They picked up orphans from the road and sold them for work, or force them into labour. Human kids couldn’t handle such things, but for my race, it was simple. I come from one of the five clans of demon, called the Lupus Lunar. We are a tribe of demon wolves, put on this Earth, along with four other tribes to save it from the destruction of the Humans, like this stupid fat man who thought he could sell me to make a few quick bucks. How did I know that he was going to sell or use me? That’s simple, because slave traders are the only humans who try to seem nice.  

 I put on an innocent face and a small scared voice, to make it seem I was the victim, this "No." I nodded back and forth looking into his small beady little eyes, with as much 'innocence' I could muster. He was my target. I was going to study him for four years, then kill him, and return home

"Would you like to come with me, I could get you a bed, a nice home, food too." he asked, a twinkle in his eye and a genuine smile on his fat face. There was something strange about his face and voice. It seemed too.....truthful.

'He's good at what he does alright.' I thought as I nodded my head up and down enthusiastically, as if I had just fallen for his little scheme.

He held out his hand and looked down at me softly. He smiled gently, and slowly led me away from the pavement. There was something wrong. This man, he didn’t seem bad at all. He seemed, honest and kind.

"Do you have a name?" he asked.

"Xannya." I answered before I could stop myself. I wasn’t supposed to give him my real name. My assumed name was supposed to be Maya, or Amy. What was done was done, but I couldn't afford to mess up again.

“Well, you can call me Marlow, or uncle Marlow, whichever pleases you.” A smile danced around the edges of his lips.

He took me to a store, a small clothes boutique. The store keeper stared at him from behind his spectacles.

"Another one Marlow?" the shop keeper asked the man.

"I have the money, I don't see why not!" He sounded offended.

"You know Marlow; most people would spend your kind of money on cars and expensive wine, but not you, eh, you decide to run an orphanage. Can’t you’re dreams be a bit...well...smaller." He gave a slight chuckle.

"I want to do something good with my life." Marlow mumbled. A human.....wanted to do something ...good? I couldnt comprehend that sentance.

"You’re a good man Marlow." He said, as he smiled in my direction. The word "good" and "man" had never been used together. There was something...strange going on. "I’ll tell you what," the shop keeper continued, "I’ll give the girl four outfits on the house eh?"

"Na, you'll be out of business, Timmy." Marlow answered the shop keeper. Whatever happened to human selfishness? The two of them were fighting for the oddest thing. One wanted to give his goods for free, while the other insisted he himself should pay for them.

I didn’t stay to see the end of the fight; I was taken by a young woman to a dressing room.

“Do you like the cloths?” The woman asked as I twirled around in front of the mirror.

“They’re.....nice.” I answered, not sure how to react to this woman’s gentle face. I felt my cheeks grow red from embarrassment.

The clothes were nice and warm. They smelt sweet, and soft. I don’t think any such thing existed in my realm. The store man (named Timmy) called me over to the front desk, as I left, and placed a small scruffy little stuffed dog in my hands. It made me blush, for the second time in the past five minutes... It was so....fluffy. "You're a lucky girl, sweets." He said, patting my head, as he showed me out.

I stared back at the Timmy and then up at Marlow. Humans, how could they be so.....like this? 

I spent my four years being raised in an orphanage, with fifteen other human children. We were made to read works by Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela for inspiration. We were taught kindness and the way of good will. Though each of us had our fallouts, we were all special, and defiantly not as the Revered Ones of the Demon realm had explained. They were good people, crude, but good, and once those for years was over, I did not wish to return to my narrow minded word of rules and rituals, I wanted to stay in this free, yet raw new place, to help these humans and guide them. So I did not return. I knew that I would never again get the chance to, the portal would only re-open on the day we attacked, but I wasn’t going to return.



The End

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