10 Commandments of Writing

1.  Never discourage yourself.

If you ever discourage yourself, you add one more person to the list of haters.  You are awesome and have great ideas that need to be written.  Even though, at times, knowing how to ride a horse is far more difficult than actually riding it.

2. Find a Muse before/during a writing session. 

When I write, I listen to the music relevent to what I am writing.  Hardcore for fight scenes, folk songs for emotion envoking scenes and so on. I also watch a movie that is pretty much the same genre as what I'm writing.  It helps with imagery if you actually see the truck, or dress, or food you want to have in your story.

3. Never give up, but take breaks.

Do not quit, but taking a nap, or going out with friends, or family, can really help.  Also during your break, try getting it proof read by a friend you trust to actually take the time to chop it up.

4. Be your own Sceptic.

Read from th Hater's point of view, but always remeber who your friend is, yourself!

5. If it doesn't fit, stick it somewhere else.

I believe that if something is not working in your story, remove it, but don't forget, or destroy the evidence.  What you wrote would probably be the piece needed to make your story golden, but in another place.

6. Don't be too proud.

Somewhere along the road you must accept that you made a mistake, even if the editor pisses you off.

7. Build your sancuary.

Like a kid playing with his favorite toys (both bad and good), you must put around you the good guys and bad.  Good guys to always encourage you, and the bad guys to critique your flaws.  If you never know what's wrong, you may never fix it.

8. Do your freakin homework.

Always know what the heck you're talking about.  It goes without saying that payphones did not exist in 1880...

9. Treat yourself.

Every once in a while, stop and write a poem about your story, maybe it will remind you of the story's purpose, and what it means to you.

10. Always show appreciation.

In any way, you can show appreciation. Juts do it, even if it means reading their 40 page, 12 chapter story about kittens being killed by walruses. x____x

The End

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