10 Things I Tell Myself When I Pick Up That Pen

1) When writing straight onto Protagonize hide the timer.

I have no idea why, but sometimes it can make you feel pressured and actually end up being more of a nuisance than assistance.

2) Do not force inspiration.

Inspiration is like a stubborn teenager. The more you demand from it, the more likely it will tell you to go take a hike. When it's ready, it will come to you.

3) Practice makes perfect.

Raw talent is rare, but even that can only get you so far. The more you read and write, the better you become.

4) Never attempt to clean your bedroom and write at the same time.

Because you know you're never going to get round to actually doing your room. ;)

5) Writing should be fun.

Unless of course you're writing one of those endless essays for English, then I can't blame you for being bored out of your mind.

6) Be original.

If you write the same stuff over and over again or copy other writers' style, you won't stand out. You'll be like everyone else. Just think about it by placing yourself inside the reader's mind. Why should you read something that you have read a thousand times before?

7) Right or wrong mood?

Lets face it. Some days you just won't be in the mood to write no matter how long you stare at the word document/piece of paper and will for the words to appear. So why not take a break and try again tomorrow. (:

8) Write in a quiet place.

There's no point trying to write when you cannot hear your own thoughts. Yeah, music can be helpful for inspiration, but sometimes even the greatest multi-taskers cannot concentrate without being caught up in the beautiful melodies drifting into their ears - or the foul curses and screams if you listen to metal.

9) It is easier to write what you know.

Especially if researching is something you absolutely hate to do. Plus, even the all-knowing Wikipedia can be a complete screw-up at times. :O Yeah, I know. We're all doooooomed! Sorry, random moment. n.n

10) Don't just sit around and wait for someone to read your work.

If you ever watched FullMetal Alchemist you should be familiar with the term equivalent exchange. But if you don't watch anime, then think of it as an equilibrium. You get out what you put in. If you don't read and give feedback on other people's work, then why should they do the same for you?

That is all. Thanks for reading. ^.^

The End

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