10 Things I must keep in mind if I want to be a good writer someday, damn it.

  1. Forget about perfection. Forget about your obsession with grammar and orthography, and just write. Remember, you can come and fix it all later.
  2. Stop thinking that everything you write will be crap and just write it, damn it. So what if it's crap? It will get better if you keep practicing. That's what it's all about.
  3. Keep reading! Don't stop reading. Even if it's some magazine you found in the closet, read. Reading will keep your mind active, and ideas flowing.
  4. Dream and fantasize! Continue doing this no matter how old you get. It's never late for that. And after all, dreams and fantasies are where most of your good ideas have come from. They are an excellent source of them.
  5. Go out some more, girl. You have a world to explore out there, full of stories that must be told. You could very well be the one to do it.
  6. Write with both your heart and your brain! Use the heart to keep the words flowing, and the brain to tie them all together into something coherent. But never forget one or the other!
  7. Always keep in mind that not everyone will love what you do. To hope so would be unrealistic. Always write for your own satisfaction, rather than just to earn someone else's favor. And even if nobody reads what you write, keep doing it. And, who knows? Maybe someday you will be surprised.
  8. Your characters are real people. Never ignore that fact. They have dreams, secrets, memories, feelings... Just like you. Just like the people that surround you, and the ones  you love. Love your characters, too. Sympathize with them. And always, always give them a bit of your own self to keep them alive. Also, keep them company, and let them be by your side as well. They will thank you for it, as you will thank them someday in return.
  9. Try to see everything from a greater spectrum. Do not limit yourself. Always fight to expand the boundaries of the imaginable to you. If you learn to do this, your characters will be round, your stories so whole, and your worlds so real that you'll almost be able to feel them and step in them.
  10. Just write, damn it.
The End

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