10 things about writing

1. Before writing be sure about the topic and have a blueprint.

2. Don't write about mystery or thrillers until you are very sure about the topic.

3. After you finish writing, read your exercise yourself to check whether you would buy that as a reader or not.

4. Don't get disheartened if your first works are not accepted. continue trying, you were not born einstein.

5. Don't base all your writings on the same topic. people won't buy the same genre over and over again until you aren't the best.

6. Don't base all of your stories on absolute reality. Remember people read to escape from reality.

7.  Give time to each exercise. Don't hurry just to increase the number of your stories. Remember a few good works is much better than many horrible ones

8. Remember you can't satisfy everyone. One fan is good to start.

9. Don't write because you have to, write because you want to. Writing doesn't make one sopihisticated.

10. A good reader is a good writer. so read others' works and appreciate and criticise them

The End

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