10 rules of writing I wish othe people would listen to

  1. You must know what you're writing about before you put the pencil on the paper. Then you'll just be staring at a blank piece of paper.
  2. Please avoid the blood and gore stuff unless you're really good at it. Blood and gore is really boring with a terrible writer.
  3. Just because you like writing about it, not everything has to be labeled mature. sometimes little kids like to read too.
  4. If you get writers block... wait a second! Don't get writers block. If you write every day, writers block won't happen.
  5. Please avoid cliches. For example: A damsel in distress. Suddenly, some person wearing a superhero uniform swoops down and saves her. Can't you mix it up? Maybe the damel doesn't get saved for once?
  6. Collabs are a lot of fun, but if you have seven chapters in a row it's a sign you'd be better off writing a solo. That or other people are too lazy to post their own chapter.
  7. Ponies? please. The only worse thing to write about would be online communities.
  8. What's up with all the greek mythology? You're not greek. Live with it.
  9. There is an exception to rule #8. If you're greek of a greek nerd, greek mythology is ok.
  10. And last but not least, Don't be afraid to leave your writing comfort zone. If you usually write in first pperson, try to write in third. If you're character is a girl, try to write with the main character being a guy.
The End

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