10 Again

I'm going to try something a little bit different with this and write down 10 things I would actually like to tell myself. Things I could stand to hear now and again. There will be no subtext in which I'm arguing with past chapters and I will not be preaching to you. Starting now.

1. If you don't know where to go from here with a story, then go somewhere pointless and dumb. Get the creative juices flowing, delete it, then write something good.

2. Stop recycling old ideas. Write something new.

3. Writing isn't like reading. You'll probably lose interest in most of the works you write at some point. You just spend far too long in each sentence, paragraph, and scene to always be excited by it. It doesn't mean it won't be fun to read. Don't give up on it.

4. Write the same way you speak. This is your "voice." Stop using words and phrases you'd never use vocally. You'll wind up with something pretentious and dull, ridiculous, or both. Again.

5. Get the story out first, make it good later.

6. Don't forget to make it good.

7. There will always be someone upset about it when you spend a lot of time writing--or doing anything else. Don't let it ruin your mood to write.

8. Don't just write. You started writing because you loved what others had done with words. Read more.

9. If you don't know much about it, you can still write about it. Just don't go into the details you know nothing about.

10. Less is often better, but not always. Most novels can be reduced to a paragraph--and usually are on the back cover or inside the jacket. In most cases, it is not better than the novel itself. Don't take that rule too seriously.

The End

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