Ix's Tips To Better Writing


  1. Your life is NOT interesting; no matter how hard you wish it to be. Try not to write about your life, unless you are fictional character.
  2. Don't take your writing too seriously. The more seriously you take you and your own writing, the less people care about it. Eventually you reach a stage where you are the only one who finds your writing worth reading. That is when you become 'the greatest author never to be discovered' in a self-delusional stupor of hubris.
  3. Pain is good. Entertainment is better. Seek to entertain.
  4. All poetry is pretentious. Live with it.
  5. Ratings do matter. They give your ego a boost. They make your inconsequential little writings feel a little wanted, no matter how much we might pretend otherwise.
  6. Language has rules. Feel free to break them, but as any other deviant you will need to bear with the 'conservatives' berating you. Learn to deal with it. You're a rebel, for goddsake.
  7. Fan-fiction is funny. No matter how hard you try to make it serious, it remains in the realm of funny.
  8. Titles matter. Make them interesting. Start with the title, and proceed to the ending. Never start with the ending and work backwards.
  9. Self-published books are over-rated. Never trust a man who claims to be an author because he published his own book.
  10. Social criticism is good. Reductionist thinking is not. If you plan to talk about social issues, do your research.


The End

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