Yet more things I tell myself about writing, 10 in fact.

1. Write for yourself and no-one else. Should absolutely anyone, anywhere offer encouragement, consider that a suspicious bonus.

2. If you find it funny - it's funny.

3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with laughing at your own jokes. In fact you should probably laugh the loudest and longest as you are the jokes proud parent.

4. The average first time published writer is not published before they are 32 years old and have written more than 1 million words. You've got time kid, relax. 

5. Writing is not a higher calling. It does not make you special. You are not an artist. You are just another insignificant ant on a death march to your own destruction. So look around, enjoy the view, be inspired by it, write little stories about it for your own amusement if you like, or don't. That's also okay.

6. There are no original ideas. If you want a new idea, your only option is to mangle together old ideas into interesting shapes and then lie to yourself. 

7. If this is supposed to be fun, why are you not smiling? If you are not smiling - stop, go do something else, come back and try again later. Repeat.

8. You will never get it quite right.

9. That doesn't mean you should stop trying. 

10. There are no rules when it comes to writing. Except this one.

I see that most of mine are designed to make it easier for me to write and to remove pressure on myself. I'd make a great life coach - for myself. "You're doing great kid, nah you can eat more cookies that's totally fine, we'll totally go for a run tomorrow".

The End

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