Almost ten things I keep trying to tell myself about writing.

1. Write what is true to you, not what you think others believe.

2. Blood and gore is overrated, unless you have the talent to describe it properly.

3. Sloppy writing will ruin the most amazing story.

4. Don't shy away from your fears. analyze them, exploit them, describe them.

5. When you feel the story gliding away from you, becoming tiresome and difficult to continue with, give it a break. A long one if necessary, then read the entire thing. It's not going to be the same.

6. The more knowledge you have about the art of writing, the more natural and easy the writing gets. If that is grammar or vocabulary or simply discipline makes no difference, they all have to be there.

7. the only way to become a better writer is to write, write, write and write. The couch and TV are certainly your enemies, but so is overconfidence.

8. Your readers are not stupid.


9. All readers are different and all your writing is something new to them, whether you are sick of that paragraph or not.  

The End

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