10 Things I Should Know About Writing, Yet Don't

1.  Sex does not belong in *every* story.

2.  Your friends do not belong in every story.

3. Fan-fiction is a waste of your time; even when it's not *obviously* fan-fiction.

4. Sometimes, it's not crude humour, it's just crude (and unnecessary).

5. Thou camest not into this world amidst the 19th century, nor any century previous.  Speakest not as if ye had.

6.  You wasn't born in the ghetto, fool.  Don't be frontin'.

7.  You are supposed to be writing for yourself, not your 'fans'.

8.  No one cares that much about autism.  Stop talking about it.

9.  Just because you're not 'that' good, is no excuse to stop trying.

10.  Ratings do not matter.

The End

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