Deleted Scenes and Extracts

I dunno if you've ever been through your old computer files -- folders marked 'Writing' are often very interesting -- but I tend to do it a lot. When I was going through that goldmine of a folder I found a subfolder, marked 'Deleted Scenes and Extracts'.

Clicking on it, I found that they were old scenes and things that I wrote long ago -- way before I had this computer, which I've only had about .. oh, must be two and a half years now. So these are from my childhood. The one I've got open on my computer desktop now was practically the first file I transferred to my laptop back in 2008, and I'd written it at least two years previously. So it's old.

But I thought, why not share them? They're terrible, for the most part, but you're probably not alone in having such old stories in your computer. Go on, post them. And so here they are, a few little scenes and extracts.

I should stress, though, that I was young when I wrote my contributions to this collaborative. We're talking nine, ten, eleven. That sort of age. Way before I went to secondary school. And I daresay any of the other authors who decide to post will know exactly how I feel, because it's the same for them. That's why this is unrateable, ha ha.

So feel free to post those old extracts. I very much look forward to reading them, and imagining what the rest of the story was like!

The End

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