Deep-Fried Frog Legs

Just a short reply to a writing prompt: Describe an odd character.

Some called him “brilliant”. Others called him crazy. There was one thing everyone could agree upon, however:

Aydin Andrews was eccentric.

He ate once a day- he said it was “energy efficient”- and it was always, always potato fries on top of deep-fried frog legs. He collected spider specimens, of all things, and this fact was not easily forgotten by his fellow scientists, who, once or twice, had had to pick dried spider legs off of his lab coat. He was a geneticist, and he walked around the hallways of Caltech muttering to himself, alternately wringing his hands and wiping them on his lab coat. He was liked well enough at Caltech- he had, after all, made the single biggest discovery of the 21st century. He’d finished college early, at the age of eighteen, and the California Institute of Technology let him stay on campus, as a researcher. Just five months after graduating, he’d done what made many regard him as a genius: he created artificial life. Aydin was soon being interviewed by news channels around the country, and Caltech was enormously pleased with his publicity.

So, even though he’d done nothing of note in the past five years, Caltech simply couldn’t let him go.


The End

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