Nahomi: Show and TellMature

They wanted me to show Robyn's my powers to show that we all had powers. It was a lot of pressure. I felt it building up behind my eyes, in my hands. The plants behind me felt it too, quivering slightly and the flowers closed themselves up. I felt my face get hot. Why did they leave it to us anyway? Why didn't the New Headmistress let him know when he was hired? This guy was supposed to have powers, but the rest of us didn't see them, he was just ordinary. And ordinary people don't belong here. The plants behind me began to grow, slowly at first but then faster, the vines and leave rising the the ceiling, reaching for the windows and lights. Everyone looked nervous. I was fighting to appear ycalm, i hadn't felt this much power in a long time, not since the science fair, back in 3rd grade where I lost control for the first time. I felt the air around me get colder, Makenna was nervous and it was showing. Flynn and Al had lost the fight, I could tell that Al was himself once again, I couldn't stop the plants growing. They covered the ceiling now, blocking out the light. I ran for the window, Pushing it open and leaning out, letting the energy go to the garden. I would take care of the over-growth later.

The door opened to the room and Mrs. Ward and Mr. Robyns walked in.

"What happened in here?" Mrs. Ward shrieked. I shrunk down, crouching next to the window.

"Amazing," Mr. Robyns exclaimed, clueless as ever. "I've never seen so much plant growth in an artifical environment, you should have the gardeners come take a look at this, whatever one of your students was doing could make an excellent growth aide."

The class groaned, it was poorly timed, I did it too early, and he still didn't get it. Apparently he thought everyone was doing some sort of science experiment.

"Sir," Makenna began.

"Mr. Robyns it was me." I piped up, "I made the plants grow. I lost my temper and the plants kind of, exploded."

Oliver looked at me, there was a pause. I took a deep breath and willed the plants to go back into their pots. Raising my hands somewhat theatrically, I guided the plants down, with some effort, like all plants they wanted to be free. After a few moments the plants were all back to their original state.

"That's a very nice trick," Oliver said, amused. "Headmistress, this is a science class, I don't understand why i have to be here."

"Oliver," Eve jumped in, "Nahomi isn't the only one with powers.

Oliver flinched slightly at the use of his first name by a student, shaking his head. "There's no such thing as superpowers."

"Well, I wouldn't call them super Mr. Robyns." Flynn said cracking a smile. We all laughed a little at the joke.

"What?" Oliver was still disbelieving. "I don't understand."

What was it going to take to get through to this  guy?



The End

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