Code WordMature

"It has to be you."


"She'll wimp out; she won't do it." I reasoned. Naomi sent a little half glare at me, but Makenna pulled her attention back. 

"You're the only one that does something impressive enough for him to notice it's a power, but not scary. I mean Eve would terrify someone who didn't know what we are."

"Cheers." I dead panned. 

"Oh come on. You don't seriously think he'd think you two shared an 'electric moment' do you?"

"I'm going to let you off, because I like that you called it an electric moment. And no. But that was more Alex."

"HEY!" She nudged me. 

"It was!"

"I am offended by how quickly you dropped me in it. But, I do agree with Makenna. It has to be you Naomi."

"What has to be Naomi?" The boys had arrived, food in tow. 

"She's got to be the one that showcases talent to Robyns."

"She'll never do that."

"Told you." I chuckled. 

"Why don't you think I will?" Naomi asked. 

"Well one, you said no. Two, you'll chicken out because you're not rebel enough."

"I... I am."

"Prove it." 

She looked at me, determined, and nodded. We all cheered. 

"Okay okay, but we need a signal. So that Naomi knows when to do it." Makenna brought us back to order. 

"Okay, what about asking him a question?"

"That'll happen anyway. We're in class. DUH."

"Erm... random code word?"


"Erm... magic?"

All of us rolled our eyes at the same time. 


"Something really random that would never come up in conversation at all in English."

"Cotton balls."

"Sorry what?"

"Cotton balls."

"I love it."

The End

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