What did I miss?Mature

I had been focusing on a school thermometer, trying to concentrate on hitting a certain degree, and everyone else had pulled away as the temperature had lowered steadily around me, so I was more surprised than anybody else when there was a lound BANG and the sound of crumbling stone. The ceiling even shook a little bit, dropping bits of plaster and drywall on my head. Looking up, I saw that, mere inches above Flynn's head where he sat on the floor, Al's hand rested in a fist sized dent in the solid brick wall.

I joined the shocked throng of people staring at Al as he withdrew his hand from the hole, his fingers covered in white and red dust from the materials of the wall, but otherwise, unharmed. 

"What did I miss?" I asked, "How did that not break every bone in your hand?" I reached for Al's dusty fingers, turning his hand over and over in my own, until he it out of my reach, an embarrassed look on his face.

"We were..." He began slowly. "Practicing my ability to... um..." 

"We were practicing martial arts, Al using Dante's knowledge through, uh..." Flynn faltered. 

"Possession." Eve filled in the blanks.

"I can use the knowledge of a ghost possessing me," Al tried again, a little braver. "If I take control, or if they give me control, I can use their knowledge, or abilities."

Okay, now I was caught up. 

"And apparently, having really good senses really does give you good reflexes." Flynn said cheerfully, changing the subject a bit. 

"That's really cool," I grinned, "so, what are we going to show Professor Robyns when he gets here?" I was all business as I pulled out my Ideas notebook again. I had jotted a few things down since lunch. "Probably not let Al hit him." I said, not sure if I was joking. 

"She's gone now," Al tried to assure us, but I just gave him a look and turned back to my notebook.

"We ruled out Eve shocking him... I could change the temperature, but that might be too subtle. And how do we find out what ability he has?"

I looked around at my friends, each now thoughtful. What a motley crew we were, all with powers of varying degrees of intensity. I couldn't help think, once again, how much good we could do, not as superheroes, but extraordinary people, in places of power. If only I could convince them of that...

The End

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