Round TwoMature

"That was...." How could I explain to Flynn and the others how I just felt... "Invigorating."

Eve gave me and Flynn an odd look. "Are you guys secretly masochists?"

Flynn and I looked to each other, then to Eve, before laughing. "I think what Al means," Flynn said, standing up and helping me to my feet, "Is that fighting is more of a rush than we thought."

I shook my head. Dante was still within me, so the rush overrode the pain from Eve's electricity. Part of me was surprised that she actually did that, but I ignored that small bit of my mind. "I mean having Dante's abilities..." Knowledge of combat and other subjects swarmed through my head. This was intoxicating. 

"That was very nice," a voice said.

We all looked to see the headmistress - Eve's mother - walk over. I had to admit that she looked like Eve in the face. 

"Thank you," Flynn said, nudging me. I repeated his thanks and watched as the headmistress walked over to see another group of students practicing. The area in the middle of the room had apparently turned into groups of students practicing together. Our group included Eve, Naomi, Makenna, Alex, Flynn, and myself. Oddly enough - even with the discomfort between myself and Naomi - I felt at ease. Whether it was from Dante's influence or my past experiences, I was beginning to realize I wasn't so alone anymore. 

"Um...." It had to be done. I didn't understand why, but I knew it had to be. "Naomi?"Everyone seemed to pause. I didn't understand why, but it made me nervous. 


I let Dante leave my body before I continued. Having him inside probably might make things even worse. "Mind if we... talk after class..?" Naomi seemed to blush. Did I do something wrong? Did she hate me even more? Oh man.... I regretted saying anything already.

"Naomi, go ahead and say yes!" 

Me and Naomi both seemed to nearly jump at Makenna's words, but thankfully they worked. "Ok.."

After that, the girls went off to talk about getting the English Professor to reveal his power, leaving me and Flynn to be by ourselves. Control Class didn't get out until half an hour from that moment, but with Dante and Annie off somewhere, I didn't really have any way to practice.

"Good job, Al!" Flynn said as soon as the girls got out of earshot, "You have conquered Mount Doom, now all you have to do is throw the ring into the fires and hope everything goes well!" 

I laughed a little, feeling a bit more at ease without the girls around. "Hopefully a deranged hobbit doesn't try to ruin the moment."

"Well, I'll help you deal with him if he does try it, Mr. Frodo." 

We both laughed a little before going silent. Flynn seemed to be trying to listen to something - probably the girls' conversation - and I was concerned for Annie. I had gotten mad at her over the incident without hearing her reasoning. I hoped she wasn't mad at me. 

"Want to practice fighting again?" Flynn asked me after a moment.

"I can't. Dante and Annie left."

Flynn gave me an 'Oh' with his mouth. I really did wish we could've continued...

"So why don't I help you out, young man?"

I jumped - and made Flynn nearly jump in reaction - as a beautiful lady walked to my side. Of course, Flynn didn't notice or hear her coming. She was on the other side. Despite her young looks and professional clothing, this woman claimed to be Mr. Robyn's grandmother.

"Don't scare me like that, please." Why was it easier to talk to someone on the other side? I didn't understand, but it was good for me. Made dealing with them much easier.... If only I could deal with Naomi like that. I didn't have the slightest idea of how I would start our talk after class....

"Sorry, sweetie," Mrs. Robyns said with an amused look.

"Um... Al? Is someone there?"

I looked from my friend to Mrs. Robyns and sighed. "Yeah," I told him, "Apparently it's Mr. Robyn's grandmother..."

Flynn, instead of doing his usual routine of introducing himself, got excited. "Really?!"

I sighed again. Mrs. Robyns had been switching from following me and her grandson all day. I tried to get her to leave me alone, but she thought I was just being silly. Well.. I had been only saying things politely... Maybe I should be mean like those people in Flynn's movies. 

"How would you help me?"

The lady smiled. "Well, I saw how you and that scholarly fellow did that and I know I can do the same."

"What's she asking?" Flynn asked, looking more curious than anything.

I explained to him what she was saying, which made him even more curious, and decided to let Mrs. Robyns try. What could I say? No, I don't want you to fight? No, you aren't allowed inside even though I let Dante in? Well... I'm sure they would have worked, but Mrs. Robyns was someone who I had quickly learned didn't know the meaning of the word no...

The feeling of coldness washed over me as the woman entered me. 

'What do I do now?' That was her voice. 

'Just give me control, I think,' I told her.

She did just as I said and I felt the usual surge of excitement from earlier. It was too addictive, like having some food after a few days without. OK, maybe that wasn't the best ways to describe it, but... Oh well.

"Ready, Al?" Flynn asked.

I readied myself, despite no knowledge of fighting or fighting techniques coming from Mrs. Robyns. "I think."

Flynn came at me immediately. He wasn't the best of fighters, as Dante's knowledge had allowed me to realize, but my friend had some unreal reflexes. I tried to block, but failed miserably. Instead, my face got a full blow of fist. I flinched, anticipating the pain and force.

But... Neither came.

Instead, Flynn was shaking his hand like he had hit something that hurt. "What are you made of, Al?"

'So... It does work.' That would be Mrs. Robyn's in my head.

'What do you mean?' I asked her.

'Just thinking to myself, sweetie,' she said, 'Try not to hurt your friend.'

Oh well... I decided to just continue with the fight. 

I swung at Flynn, but he moved out of the way almost instantaneously. I swung my fist again and again, but he kept dodging. I couldn't stop, though. Flynn was faster than me without Dante. If I gave him an opportunity, then he would win almost immediately. 

Our dance continued until we came to the wall. I grew excited once I realized Flynn probably couldn't dodge anymore. I would be able to land a punch! Though she didn't help much, Mrs. Robyns being inside me made my punches good enough to keep up with Flynn a little. Now I had him cornered!

I punched as hard as I could, my excitement at fighting coming to a climax.

But I missed. Flynn had ducked and I had punched the wall instead. The brick wall. I know that I should have felt pain. Maybe I did - I didn't really know. I guess the sight of my hand being buried into the brick wall sort of made me forget all that, though.

'Yup,' Mrs. Robyns said from the inside of my head, 'You can use my power like this, young man.'

I was glad I didn't hit Flynn...

The End

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