I Don't Get It...Mature

Math… eluded me. 

I could just never understand how x and y and z and the rest of the alphabet, not to mention the complications that were brought into play when triangles were put into the equation. The teacher, a cheerful man with a good knowledge of this stuff, carried on in a lively tone. Despite the cheeriness the words just turned into a humming drone of cosign tangent, cotangesign and something over something else gives you the other thing… my notes turned into pictures of flowers and vines crawled over the margins of my notes. 

I tried to snap back into attention, even going so far as to draw a very nice triangle on my paper, but I had no luck whatsoever in retaining information. Oh no. The teacher was asking me a question. 

“I’m sorry professor, what was the question?” I asked, somewhat timidly. 

“What is Sine,” He pointed to the board, “divided by cosine?” He pointed again….

ummmm….. what was the other word? 

“cotangent?” I muttered, asking more than answering the question. The professor looked disappointed. He looked around the room, 

“Can anyone help her out?” He asked. He was met with silence. I slouched in my chair. No one i knew was good at math! Maybe Al was, he was sort of new to the group, and i hadn’t seen him do any math, but hadn’t he been in an advanced math class?

Maybe I should ask him for some help, I did not want to take geometry again, this was already my second time. If he’s in advanced math he would know this stuff, and pathagorians theorem and all that. 

I stopped that train of thought in it’s tracks. I wouldn’t know if it was Al I was talking to or something else entirely.

I stopped that thought too, and went back to my doodling, it was then that i noticed that the trailing leaves of my vines had turned into a familiar face. Quickly I turned the page in my notebook and focused on the board, writing with the teacher to keep my attention focused there. Somehow I would make it through this class. Somehow. 

Eventually the bell rang and I met up with everyone on the way to lunch. After lunch would be the first “Control Class” of the year. I always looked forward to the classes, learning some techniques to keep my emotions and thoughts in check, and not cause plants to give everything away. 

Alex and Eve were deep in a giggly discussion about how to get Professor Robyns to show his powers. Or to show him what our powers are. Makenna ran up from behind us to join in the conversation for herself. I lagged a bit behind, still a bit distracted by the weekends events with Al. 

"What if you just hit him with a bolt of lightning? A little one of course," 

"It's an electric layer over my skin, I can't hit anyone!" 

"What if you  just bumped into him." Alex laughed, "He could think you have some sort of connection!" The emphasis on the word connection made Eve and Alex laugh again. Makenna joined in, and even I smiled. There was no doubt that Eve had had an effect on the young new teacher, the poor guy didn't know what hit him. 

 “What if he won’t be there?” I had to join in. I had the nagging feeling that the other teachers purposely kept Professor Robyns out of the loop, and maybe he would be left out of the control class altogether. Most teachers were there, if only to chaperone us as we explored our talents, but I felt that the new professor might not be a part of it at all!

We entered the Control class room. Everyone was separated by class. There were only 60 of us in the entire class, we all fit comfortably in the large science lab like room. 

Black topped tables had been pushed to the edges of the room, we sat on top of them, leaving the center of the room open as a sort of demonstration area. There were vents in the ceiling in case of dangerous gasses, and fire extinguishers stood next to the doors. The window let in cheerful sunlight as we sat together waiting for the lecture to start. 

The headmistress walked into the room, obviously making the rounds from the other labs. 

“Welcome to this year’s first control class! Thank you all for participating. I invite you all to explore your talents and be safe.” With a nod, she swept out of the room, on to the next. There was no sign of professor Robyns yet. But it was still early.

The End

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