I'm not a huge fan of Mondays. Garfield has it right, even if he has no reason to hate Mondays. He's a cat. He doesn't have school or work. He just gets to sit there, eating and sleeping, to his hearts content. But I on the other hand, have school, and it's my first Monday of the term. Yay. Feel the enthusiasm radiating off of me. Seriously, it's overwhelming. 

I rolled my eyes at my inner monologue as I headed to the sofa where everyone was sitting on our break. Honestly, English had actually been pretty damn good, and I hadn't even caused any trouble. I smiled. Yeah well, first time for everything. 

"What are we talking about?" I asked, collapsing in to one of the chairs at the side. 

"About the English project."

"Well it was certainly a better idea than his first lesson."

"He must be new to teaching."

"Come on, he can't even be much older than us! I wonder if he went to another," Naomi paused, looking around, "special school." 

"I thought you didn't think he had powers?" I asked. 

"I don't. But... I dunno... they wouldn't let an outsider in. He must have something about him. But he definitely doesn't know what's going on with Al."

"Maybe that's just it. Al has a unique power... maybe he just doesn't understand it. Maybe any of us he'd be fine with..." I pondered.

"You can't be thinking about doing anything?" Makenna asked frowning. 

"Well I can't. I mean what am I supposed to do? Zap him? No but maybe we should perform an experiment? I mean we should know right? We have a right to know."

"So maybe we should just ask someone?" Flynn put in. 

"Like who?"

"Er... your mum?" Makenna said. 


"Why not?"

"Because my dear mother is enjoying that I haven't been sent to her office yet, so I wouldn't want to ruin her good mood."

"Yes but this isn't being sent this is-" Makenna was interrupted by the arrival of Alex who dumped her bag down and sat on the arm of my chair. 

"Someone give me some good news because I have the Monday blues."

"I'm suggesting the conduction of an experiment on our favourite English teacher to see if he knows about us being special. Where were you in English?"

"Sleeping. What sort of experiment?"

"We haven't got that far. Obviously I can't shock him and I'm not asking my mother," I made this point at Makenna who rolled her eyes and crossed her arms but didn't seem too put out, "so I can't really think of anything."

"Well why don't you just get him to go to the control class this afternoon. It's mandatory for everyone. They do it a couple of times a term unless someone has real problems, and then they drag them in for one to one..."

"Oh that's what that is."

"Yeah, it's a drag but I'm pretty sure that'd get his attention if he doesn't know."

"That's actually pretty clever." Makenna agreed. 

"But how would we get him there?" Naomi said as the bell rang. 

"Everyone think about it during class. We'll plan during lunch yeah?" I said.

"Okay." The chorused and then began to vacate. Alex grabbed my arm. 

"Come on, time for art. The photos should be ready in the dark room."

I grinned and allowed myself to be dragged out of the room towards art. 

The End

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