Patching, Possession, and PerplexityMature

"I don't want to hear it Flynn."

Huh... my mother said that a lot, although usually when she knew I was trying to make excuses, or when she was temporarily fed up with the duties of mother, or when she was emotionally compromised.

Neither of the first two applied to Naomi so far as I knew, which made the last one my best guess. 

Of course, I know very little about girls, it's a fact, but my increased awareness almost compensates for part of it. There was the quiet huffing, the undertone of sadness, the abruptness, if I had to bet my money on it, I'd say Naomi was almost disappointed. 

Which was great news for Al, if he really meant the things that he, or Dante, had been saying. Al didn't have a lot of confidence, but that didn't mean he didn't have feelings. It just meant that there was no way those feelings were going to see the light of day. Which meant it was up to me.

"Naomi I think-"

And she was gone.

I quietly approached her door and listened, but there was very little to hear. I knocked once, twice, and called out softly,

"Umm... Naomi? You there?"

No response.

"Well... if you can hear me... I think-"

Whoa whoa whoa, hang on. Came the voice in my head. What gives you the right to do this? What if you're wrong? What if Al doesn't want to talk to her? 

Valid point. I expelled a breath of surrender and started to turn away when an ethereal chill swept past me. Much like a few moments before in Al's room just before-...

"Annie? Wai-"

I went rigid again, the shock of another consciousness in my head rendering me immobile for a moment. Then, very slowly, I turned back to the door and knocked once more.

"Hiya Naomi, it's A-Uh... Flynn and uh... It's true Dante was talking inside Al, but he can't make stuff up... it was real feelings. I think you two should talk ok? Nighty night!"

Nighty night? I thought. 

"Shut up" I said... to myself... then my body began to make its way back down the hall to my room. Only once I was inside, did Annie finally leave, leaving me gasping for breath.

"Annie! What was th-"

Boink. An eraser bounced off my face. 

As I watched, a piece of paper tore itself from one of my binders and floated over to the desk. A pencil followed suit, and began to scrawl out a word. The writing wasn't perfect... looked like a child had wrote it.

Kinda like my own writing.


"Sorry? Wait.. you can... write?"


"I see. Well... that's cool and all, but can you not do that again?

:( Yeah... sorry.

I felt bad in that moment, thinking I had hurt her feelings. To be fair though, she did possess me, so... 

"Well I'm going to go bed now... so... goodnight, I guess."


I started to change into my bedclothes, but my fingers froze on the buttons of my shirt. I looked around furtively, suddenly embarrassed.

"Um... Annie? Are you still there?"


I waited another few minutes just to be sure before quickly changing and jumping into bed. 




"Morning M-" I hesitated, still slightly confused over where things stood. I quickly got dressed and flew from my room, determined to find something to get me out of here so I could think without females, ghosts, and.... female ghosts. I made it out into the hallway and stopped for a moment. I had forgotten something-


Ah yes.

"Morning Lance!"

"I'm going to kill you Flynn!" came the reply, in a cheery mockery of  my own voice. Ah well, that was that, time to go.

"Good luck Al" I mumbled quietly, as I passed his room. I hoped he would be able to-


"God Flynn what are you doing?"

I shook my head starting to mumble an apology when I saw into whom I had crashed. 

It was Eve. Eve with wet hair. Eve in a towel. 

Sounds vaguely like something you'd see in an infomercial with Billy-

I blinked. And blushed. And continued running.

"Uh... morning... Eve" I called out without looking back. 

Down the flights of stairs, past Ms. Van Althuis, down another flight of stairs, and through a dark doorway. I fumbled for a light switch, all the while thinking. 

I hope I remembered to bring it. I hope I remembered to bring it. PLEASE tell me I remembered to bring it.

Light. And in the corner:

My bike. 


I wheeled it outside, and grabbed my helmet that had been hanging from the handlebar. I took one last look at the school, and set out into the gathering sunlight. 

It was a sunny day. 

A day of sun.

Sun Day. 


Wow, I'm terrible.

The End

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