Possession and a FavorMature

"Dante!" I yelled as soon as the professor left my body laughing. Laughing, of all things! "Today was AWFUL! Never do that again!"

Dante was still laughing, which only mad me angrier. It was odd, being angry, but I didn't care. I had embarrassed my first friend in this place, made Naomi possibly want to never talk to me again, and even made Makenna mad! Eve might even start to dislike me, too! I couldn't let this continue...

"Come on, Al," Dante said, still with a smile adorning his stupid face, "I was just saying thoughts you've had. It's something you can do when possessing someone."

Before I could answer, Annie came into the room yelling. 

"How could you do that to my brother, you jerk! You better be glad you're already dead or I'd hurt you real bad! Stupid, jerk, adult dummy!" The insults continued and I let them for a while. Dante deserved it, though he looked like he was just finding all this humorous. 

"Look, Annie, do you really want your brother to stay all on his lonesome?"

Annie stuck her tongue out at Dante, which made me smile a little. If everyone else did end up hating me, then at least I still had Annie. That's right, she would never leave me...

"He has me!" Annie snapped, "And that's good enough! Plus, Flynn won't leave either, so Al has lots of people without you trying to mess around with him!"

"Annie, that's enough..." I said, sighing. My anger was leaving me and no I was seeing things on Dante's side. It's not like he did anything intentionally to hurt my reputation. Plus, it was obvious that Flynn liked Makenna and vise versa... Though, I still wasn't sure of my own feelings. The only girl I felt close to right now was Annie, and she was my sister.

"But, brother... He did something unforgivable!"

Dante made a clicking noise. "How is that unforgivable?"

Annie glared at Dante, but I stepped in. "A man from the other side once possessed Annie when she was on this side. The strain on her body was... too much." In truth, she was weak already with the lack of food and cold weather. The person who possessed her simply used up what was left....

"I... Sorry, Al, I didn't know," Dante said slowly. Oddly enough, he didn't seem phased by it. "You know you can't live in the past, though, guys. An ability is not defined by good or evil, but by it's use. So, if I use this ability to make Al's life better, it's not the same as that man."

I... didn't know what to say to that.

"You think I'll-"

Dante interrupted Annie with finger. "Look at things optimistically, Annie. Now you can always be with your brother and won't have to worry about him protecting you and worrying about you."

A knock on the door interrupted any more talking. "Al! It's me, Flynn!"

Flynn? Was he mad? Well... Flynn was the last I expected to be really mad. I opened the door to find my only friend smiling widely. "Dante?"

So he knew? Well... that wasn't surprising. Maybe it was a good thing. "No... It's me again. Darth Vader is gone and Anakin is back in control." I smiled at my friend as he laughed at the reference. I wasn't as in to the movies as he was, since I only started watching movies two months back when I met Flynn, but I knew some of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. My favorite was still the Dark Knight.

"Well, good to know! I thought I might have to try to fight you with a lightsaber." 

I let Flynn in and gave Dante a warning glance. If he took over again... 

"So, I take it Dante can possess people?" I nodded. He HAD figured it out. Might as well not hide it. But, why would I hid it anyway? "He's... not going to possess me, right?" 

That was a good question. "Are you, Dante?"

Dante chuckled. "I can't. I can only possess weak-willed people like you, Al."

Well, that was refreshing. "He can't possess people with a lot of confidence."

Flynn smiled brightly. "I guess the force is strong within me, then." OK, then... Flynn was easy to read today.

"You're still happy about your date?" I asked, watching Annie walk around Flynn. What was she doing?

"Well... I can't seem to stop making movie references, so I guess that's a yes." Yup, that smile and giddiness was odd on Flynn, but he was happy. Did he know he looked five years younger right now?

Annie poked Flynn in the arm. What was she..? "Annie, don't!" 

Too late, Annie slipped in and Flynn simply froze. I turned to Dante. "How is that possible? I thought Flynn couldn't be..."

Dante laughed. "The ghost possessing has to have more confidence than the person they are possessing. Your sister is extremely strong-willed, but..."

Annie popped out of Flynn just a moment later, making Flynn shiver and look around. "What was that?"

I shook my head and glared at Annie momentarily. I would deal with her later... Big brothers were supposed to do that, right? "Annie being stupid. Flynn, I need a favor..."

Flynn shivered again. "Well, just make sure I'm no longer a target and a favor is yours, Al."

"Can you... explain everything about Dante to the others?"

The End

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