Behind Closed DoorsMature

I tried really hard to keep myself from laughing as I closed the door on Flynn. The line had sounded so cheesy to me, but it seemed to have the required effect. I looked under the crack in my door, and watched Flynn walking away slowly, toward's Al's room I think. I thought I'd heard him shouting. Probably arguing with a ghost. I was nearly overcome by curiosity and almost opened my door again, but I held it closed. Against myself. I needed to keep up the ruse that I was happily getting ready for bed anyway. I was happy, it was a great date. Was it a date? Were Flynn and I dating?

I looked up at the walls of my room, covered in pictures of my trips, and key moments at the school

"Dangit! I forgot to get a picture!" I said to myself, grabbing my camera and almost opening the door again. Then I stopped again. The date was over. I missed my opportunity to get a photo. Whatever. Just get ready for bed Makenna, keep the door closed. So I changed slowly into my pajamas, and brushed my teeth, and climbed into my bed. I turned off the light, and closed my eyes, forcing my muscles to relax. I hummed Return of the King's end credit song so I could fall asleep.

"Lay down..."

Next thing I knew, I was dreaming. I knew I was dreaming, because I was standing in the White City, but Flynn was there, and Eve, and Naomi, and Al, but Al had dark hair, and glasses. He looked like what I thought Dante looked like, though I'd never seen Dante. And Eve was looking down at the army of Mordor, and zapping the orcs with electricity shooting from her fingers. I didn't think she could actually do that. Flynn was wearing a helmet and directing people like Gandalf did in the movie. I followed him around, wanting to offer my services, but then it started to snow really hard.

"Makenna, stop it, it's too cold." Someone said. I tried to warm up, but, the snow just kept falling, and eventually the orcs were buried in it, and the army from Rohan was buried in it, and you couldn't even see the siege towers, the snow was so deep. Then, from nowhere, a huge blimp covered the area in shadows.

"Yes, there are the freaks." A voice boomed over a megaphone. "We need to stop them!"

I gasped awake to find my room warm and toasty, there was no snow or ice anywhere.

"What a weird dream." I muttered, before falling back to sleep, and forgetting the whole thing.

The End

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