A Confident Problem-SolverMature

'Dante... Please don't.'

'Oh, but I'm only doing what you wish you could, Al.'

"Hello, Flynn!" Dante said through my mouth, "I see you too have found a flower to chase after as well."

Flynn's smile froze and he sort of cocked his head. "I see what you mean by weird, Naomi," he said as Dante put me in line. Oh no... this was going to go badly... Naomi, Makenna, and Flynn were all staring at me. 

"Weird?" I said via possession, "I would think that there is nothing weird about deciding to say how I feel. Being shy just doesn't suit me anymore." As a further way to torture me, Dante turned my body slightly and stared into Naomi's eyes. They were so- No! Focus! I needed to break this possession before he could do any more harm! 

Too late.

Dante bowed at Naomi in a formal fashion. "I would rather be open in my attraction to Naomi."

Makenna smirked at me, though it was obvious she was still a little confused about the situation. "So, what do you like about her, Al?"

"Guys..." Naomi protested vainly.

Dante took that opportunity to share something I would have NEVER said... "It is her spirit. While she is stunning on the outside - and in my eyes the most beautiful of all the flowers I have seen - it is her love of life and nature that pulled me more." He was quoting what I told him after my first day of school.... As long as he didn't say more than that, though.

"I... see," Makenna said, moving up in the line. Naomi sort of moved ahead of Flynn to crowd Makenna and get away from the conversation. Thank God... 

"So.... What's really going on? Dante make a bet with you, Al?"

Dante made me laugh. "More like I'm just tired of being so shy."

"Can you really change overnight?"

I felt myself smile as I leaned in toward Flynn. "Well you went from being without a girl to spending the day with Makenna," I said, making Flynn laugh nervously, "Annie likes your Lord of the Rings and Starwars quotes. She seems to like the happy feeling you two give her." When had Dante talked to Annie? I couldn't see her with Dante possessing me and my power... 

"We were just watching movies, man," Flynn said, turning to grab his own food, "Plus, something more interesting is about to happen." He pointed to the table that Naomi and Makenna had sat down at. 

Eve and another girl were sitting there as well.

"I think you're right, Flynn," Dante said, "But I'll not be forgetting about your Lord of the Rings date today." 

Me and Flynn walked over to the table just as the new girl was telling Naomi something about flowers. Well, at least they were getting along.

'Makes it easier to flirt with Naomi, for sure.'

'Dante, why..?'

"Well, hello, Eve and...?"

Eve looked confused as Dante spoke - and that was normal considering she probably thought I was just a shy guy with no confidence - but the other girl just smiled and replied with "Alex is my name."

'If only you didn't like Naomi... Al, there's so much potential in all these girls!'

'What do you mean if only I didn't like Naomi?'

Dante laughed inside my head. 'Well, I am just acting on all your impulses and wants, but if I were to act like myself, I could get ALL these girls.'

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Alex," Dante said with my voice, "I see you have met the beautiful Naomi and Flynn's flower, Makenna."

The reactions from that statement alone made me actually angry at Dante. Makenna seemed to grow a mix of annoyed and embarrassment, Flynn just looked away, possibly contemplating ignoring me, Naomi simply looked almost the the point of annoyance, but not quite there, and Eve simply giggled. Only God knew what she laughed at, but I just knew it didn't bode well for me.

"Well, everyone seems to have changed and hooked up while I was away," Eve said. 

"No! Al is just being overconfident with his attitude change!" Makenna sounded like she was getting a little angry. Flynn didn't say anything, thankfully.

'Fix this, Dante!'


"Sorry guys," Dante said, "I didn't mean to hit a nerve." My hand patted Flynn on the back."You'll get her someday." I saw Naomi through my possessed eyes next. "And I'll back off, though I will never give up."

"Al, has Dante gotten to you?" Eve asked me, gaining a confusing glance from Alex.

I shook my head with Dante. "Well, sort of. Now, what are we going to do about this tension between you and Makenna over here?"

Makenna and Eve tried to make a comment, but my hand was raised and they stopped. It was obvious everyone was still surprised that I - the boy who was just a weakling and weird kid - was now ordering them about.

"Look," Dante said, this time using his own words, "The whole argument the other day was not you two. Makenna, I know you don't truly hate Eve, and vise versa for you Eve. Everyone has traits others don't like, but that's the point of having friends. Now, make up!"

The End

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