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The credits rolled on the Two Towers, and I sat back in my beanbag chair, finished the last of my second or third pint of raspberry ginger ale, and grinned at Flynn. I think he was impressed, and I decided to rip out another quote.

"I feel...something. A slight tingling in my fingers, I think it's effecting me." Flynn chuckled and I shook my truly tingling fingers, to try and restore some of the blood flow. "I mean it, I dont normally drink this much soda. I think I'm on a sugar high."

Still laughing, Flynn retorted, affecting the slurring accent of a drunk dwarf "Wha' did I say, he can't hold his liquor." At that, we both started laughing, pretty hard. I was glad I could make him laugh, this was really nice.

"I'll put in the next disk," I said, standing up.

"No, I'll get it," Flynn jumped up too, beating me to the DVD player.

"Protective of your movies?" I teased him lightly.

"No! Just--is it getting hot in here?" I almost panicked, but Flynn was still grinning, and I relaxed.

"I'm regulating just fine." I replied. "Just put in the movie already."


The first half of Return of the King ended, and we were officially out of popcorn and movie snacks. I'd given up on drinking any more ginger ale, partially because now my whole body was tingling from the sugar and I was jittery in my beanbag.

"Are you okay?" Flynn asked me, for about the third time.

"Yeah, I'm good." I replied, for the third time. "Too much soda."

One of his earlier comments had bothered me for a while, and it kept coming up in the back of my head during the Two Towers.

'... I'm Eowyn and she's Aragorn.'

"What about Faramir!" I blurted suddenly.

"What?" Flynn had a right to be confused, I mean, the conversation had been several hours ago.

"Eowyn ends up with Faramir in the end, right? So it all turns out."

"Yeah...?" Flynn was talking slowly. "Do you want me to put in the next disc?"

Then my stomach growled.

"I'd say yes," I said, crossing my arms over the offending organ. "But my stomach is saying we already missed lunch, and dinner is calling."

"Even after all the popcorn you ate," Flynn didnt sound surprised, just teasing me again.

"You helped," I shot back. "Lets go get some dinner, and then finish up the marathon in style, with dessert."

"Brownies..." Flynn got a dazed look on his face, but I snapped my fingers in front of his nose to snap him out of it.

"Come on, its time to show our faces in society again." Grinning, I led the way out of his room.


Going down the stairs, I felt like a sleepwalker. Maybe I was crashing, but I mostly felt kind of dazed. I'd spent the entire day in Flynn's room, watching and quoting Lord of the Rings, and talking about our favorite movies. By the time we reached the Dining Hall, we were back to talking about Helms Deep.

"Did you know it took three months to film?" Flynn was informing me. "All night shoots, in the rain."

"All for only half an hour of footage? Gosh, they must have been miserable." I replied. "But obviously, the effort wasnt for nothing."

"Hey guys." Naomi greeted us as we stepped into line for dinner.

"Naomi, how has your Saturday been?" Flynn asked

"I...spent the afternoon with Al," She said a little hesitantly. "He was acting a little..."

"A little what?" I had to push.

"A little weird, but not bad weird, just, different."

"Hey, there he is, hey Al!" Flynn waved him over.

I looked at him, Al looked normal, his hair was combed the same way, his clothes were normal. He looked fine, perfectly normal, except, something. His face.

"Hey Al, are you smiling? Like, for real?"

The End

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