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"But what about breakfast?" I asked suddenly, freezing in the act of putting the DVD in the player. Most big folk would have been confused, as we had already eaten, and I was fully expecting just that from my movie companion for the day. 

"We've already had it" Makenna shot back with a grin, continuing with the quote.

I managed to contain my surprise long enough to finish the banter "We've had one yes, but what about second breakfast?"


I removed the pillow that had attacked my face and shot Makenna a look.

"I was out of apples" she said simply. The part where my mouth hung open wasn't imagined because she followed up with, "I find your lack of faith... disturbing."

Well then. 

"I never knew you were such a fan of Lord of the Rings Makenna. Or Star Wars for that matter. It's usually not something that your kind pays much attention to."

She quirked an eyebrow, "My kind?"

Coughing awkwardly, I tried to salvage the situation. "Um... yeah the... female... kind."

I failed.

"I'll just... start the movie now."

"That's probably a good idea."

I hit enter on the remote, and the movie began. As I always did, I kicked off the marathon with another appropriately themed quote,

"And so it begins."


"Great... where are we going?"

"I love that line" Makenna said as I got up to change discs. 

"I love most of Pippin's lines" I replied, flipping through the DVD case.

"His... I don't know, squeal? When the firework goes off in the tent... priceless."

I spun, unable to resist the opportunity, "Actually, that scream is real," I said around a smile. "Billy Boyd thought his pants had caught on fire, and they kept the reaction."

"That's great...where'd ya hear that?"

"The uh... commentary. I listen to the commentary."

"Such a nerd..." she teased, and I didn't move to correct her.

"Yeah... um, hey so, how are you feeling?" Makenna looked confused, so I added, "Regarding the situation with Eve?"

The smile disappeared, replaced by a neutral... glance. I don't know, it wasn't a frown and it wasn't a smile, it was like... a straight line. 

"I'm okay, so long as I don't think of her smirking at me. I mean, how could someone be so... insensitive?" her voice climbed in volume, "And then jump on me about politics?!"

"I don't know" I said honestly. "I mean, jumping on you with politics is like, jumping on me with Lord of the Rings!" It had happened believe it or not, and an instant immediately came to mind. "There was this one time, where I was talking with this middle-schooler who-"

Makenna's quirked eyebrow me reminded of our conversation, and, incidentally another movie quote, but perhaps it was best saved for another time. "Um. Anyway, do you think there's any chance you'll be able to kiss and make up?" In typical fashion I didn't think about what I said until after I said it, and I winced as soon as the words left my mouth. "I... um... didn't... mean it like that..."

Mercifully she ignored the fumble, "I won't apologize. I was just playing around, she was the one who had to be selfish. I mean, it's not fair to the rest of us" she punctuated that last sentence with a nod.

"Well..." I said slowly, trying to choose my words carefully, "I understand, but you were a tad harsh on her." Makenna glared at me, and I hurried to clarify, "N-Not to say that she wasn't being selfish by fooling around and all that, but..." I mentally thrashed around for more words, "you weren't even one of the ones that was directly hurt by it were you? I mean look at me... I'm Eowyn and she's Aragorn."

She smiled at the reference, and when she next spoke, her tone had softened somewhat.

"Hey, she could still end up picking you, if she ever decided to make up her mind. But, even if she didn't, would that be so bad?" She hesitated for a brief moment, "I-I mean, she's not the only girl in our class."

"Well yeah I suppose. I mean there's Naomi and all but she-" I blinked as a few separate thoughts struck me like Boromir was about to be struck by arrows in the next installment. "Oh... you're a girl too," I said lamely, "But, well... Hm..." I trailed off, deciding it'd be best to cut my losses and quit while I was... well, wherever I was.

Makenna just laughed, "Let's just watch the rest of the movie. Actually, wait. Hang on, I'm thirsty."

I perked up at that, remembering something I had meant to unveil before the movie started. "Oh! I forgot to to mention, I have raspberry ginger ale in my fridge. Would that quench your thirst?"

My friend's eyes lit up, "YEEESSS" she shouted, in what I took as a Gimli impression. But she was neither a male, nor a dwarf and it... well, she got points for trying I suppose.

"Great! I think I have some popcorn around here too. A bag of that and a pint of soda-"

"It comes in pints?" Makenna asked, eyes wide, doing a better job this time of mimicking Pippin, and eliciting a laugh from myself. "So let me get this straight" she said, and began ticking off her fingers. "We have popcorn, raspberry ginger ale, and Lord of the Rings."

I nodded in confirmation. 

"We never have to leave" she said simply, and as we settled into some bean bags, complete with snacks and beverages, I found myself thinking that I wouldn't mind that in the slightest.

The End

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