A knock on my door woke me up on Saturday morning. I groaned and rolled out of bed, padding over to the door and opening it. It was Alex. 

"Wow, attractive." She grinned, snapping a picture. 

"Ugh." I blinked. "Alex, what... oh, I forgot." I said, registering the camera properly. 

"Remember I own you for the day. Get ready." She grinned, threatening me with the camera. 

"You'd better delete that one."

"I use film Eve, not digital."

I groaned and let her in my room. 

"Is this what I'm going to be subjected to all day?" I asked. 

"No. I like natural shots mostly. We'll just hang out. Maybe go to the lake... What are you wearing?"

"I don't know, I haven't thought that far ahead!" I groaned, running my hand through my hair and looking at her. She was wearing a cute blue and green horizontally striped dungaree play-suit and black boots; big black sunglasses perched amongst the red waves of her hair and she held a black hat in her hand. 

"It's sunny and hot." She smiled, letting the camera dangle from her neck by the strap so she could take off her bag and dump it on my bed. "Nice room."

I glanced around. I'd put up some of my art work, some photos of me and my old friends but mainly I hadn't decorated it. I didn't have much from home that I'd want to decorate it with, because my mum kept a strict eye on my decoration there. 

"It's rubbish."

"Could use some decorating. But that can wait. Hurry up and get ready, you can't go out like that!" She glanced at my pj shorts which were more like men's boxers, and my strappy top. 

"Call the fashion police." I rolled my eyes.

"Less of that." She pushed me towards the bathroom and tapped my squarely on the bum before closing the door on me. I grinned. She was so cheeky. Normally I'd be all over her but in a place like this you can't just ignore someone if something goes bad. I'd rather be friends. I hated to admit it but I needed a friend right now. 

I stripped and climbed in to the shower for a quick wash then cleaned my teeth and wrapped a towel around me.

Alex wolf whistled as I appeared from the bathroom and I rolled my eyes at her before going to my underwear drawer to pick out some pants. I glanced over my shoulder at her. 

"I won't look. Promise." She grinned and covered her face Rolling my eyes again I pulled the pants on, successfully managing to keep the towel over most of me anyway, and then went to the wardrobe. 

"Do I get to decide what I wear for this involuntary photo shoot?"

"Of course." She was still covering her face. I chuckled and sorted through my wardrobe until I found a baggy white t-shirt and some blue, slightly ripped jeans that got like that because I got caught on a branch climbing out of one of my old school buildings... ah memories. I pulled on the t-shirt and then the jeans, belting them up and then tousling my hair dry. Shoving some mousse in to style it I turned to look at Alex. She was still hiding her face. Sneaking over I pounced and she shrieked. 

"Holy shit!" I yelled and backed off as she hurriedly stopped the fire that had just lit the flowers Flynn had gotten me on fire. 

"Sorry... sorry.... don't make me jump!" She chastised, picking up the flowers. They began to make dust on the carpet. I picked up the bin and she threw them in. "Sorry."

"No, my fault. Sorry you just seemed really in control."

"I am... normally. You just made me jump." 


"It's not your fault, I should have warned you. Come on, let's go."

"Okay." I picked up my sunglasses and my bag that still had all my sketching stuff in from yesterday, yanked on converse and then we left. 

"You look nice by the way." She grinned at me as an after thought. 

"I look casual. You look nice." 

She looked down at her outfit and grinned. 

"Thanks. So how about we go down to the lake? Then we can come back up to grab lunch, eat it outside and just relax until dinner."

"Sounds like a plan."

"I mean I'd have made a picnic but I'm afraid it's a little early in the year to be stealing from the kitchens."

"Really?" I raised an eyebrow. 

"No. But I figured I'd break you in to the life of crime slowly."

"I'm already broken in."

"Well it's my lucky year then." She winked and led the way outside. So, so cheeky. 

We headed down to the lake, taking the way through the trees instead of the open grass where most of the students were sunbathing or playing games. 

"Can I ask you something?" Alex asked before we reached the water. 

"What?" I asked, navigating a particularly persistent branch that kept trying to catch my face. 

"Why do you want to mess with Mr. Robyns?"

"I don't know, but of fun I guess. Mainly, it's that he was flirting with me before he realised I was a student."

"He was huh? Look at you, getting all this attention."

"Guess I'm just irresistible." I laughed and caught up with her. 

"Don't walk so close to me. I don't want to get knocked out by your big head." She teased. 

"At least you can keep out of the sun. Wouldn't want you to burn." 

"I must be the only red head on the planet that can control burns." She grinned.

"You can't." I stared at her. 

"No, of course not twit!" She laughed. "Why else did I bring the hat and the sun cream?" She patted her bag. I couldn't see her eyes now, they were covered in her sunglasses, but I was sure she was laughing at me with them too. We reached the lake and Alex opened her giant bag, pulling out a blanket and laying it down. 

"You came prepared." I noticed. 

"Can't have my model getting dirty." She winked. I snorted and sat down. It was hot here, even in the half shade we'd managed to find, and I was pleased I'd brought my raybans. It was so hot after a few minutes I pulled off my shoes and socks. 

"God I wish we could go swimming." I groaned, looking at the water. 

"I'd say we should, but the teachers are out in force. Plus I can see a few snitches." She pointed to a group of kids, younger than us, who were sitting at the edge of the lake reading giant course books.

"Damn." I grinned. 

"It's good for a swim though. I've been out a few times on my own. I like to swim in the moonlight." She said and I raised an eyebrow at her, not sure she could see it over my raybans. "Yeah yeah, I sound all soppy romantic movie. I know. But you should do it sometime."

I chuckled. 

"What makes you think I haven't?"

"Oh come on, you've been here a couple of days. You're not telling me you're that much of a rebel?" She teased. 

"Course I am." I stuck my tongue out at her. "Besides, I had to do something. Last night of freedom before the start of school and all."

"God I wish you'd been here when I got here. I wouldn't have been half as bored."

"I'm flattered."

"You should come with me. For a swim."

"Yeah, maybe." I grinned. Then something caught my eye. My mum was walking along the edge of the lake, laughing and joking with Oliver Robyns. They were arm in arm. Oh hell no. For goodness sake. 

"Looks like you've got competition." Alex said having noticed them too. "You're mum is..."

"Yeah I know, she's hot. Everything I'm not; I've been told, numerous times." I grumped and lay down, throwing my arms behind my head to give me support. 

I heard the click of the camera and looked behind me at Alex. She was grinning. 

"Shame your grumpy face spoiled that one." She teased. 

"Watch it." I grinned. "You might be going for that swim sooner than you think."

The End

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