Sleeping in the next morning would have been nice... but I'd forgotten to turn off my alarm, so it still beeped annoyingly at 6:45, and though I slammed my hand down on the off button almost immediately, my brain decided it was a good time to wake up, and I couldnt fall back to sleep.

I lay in my bed for the better part of the next hour, wondering when Flynn wanted to start the Marathon, and if he had the extended editions, or the regular DVDs. Probably extended, which was a good twelve hours worth of stuff to watch. And if he wanted to watch those extras DVDs... I did the math.

We'd be watching Lord of the Rings forever.

I checked my clock, almost eight. I sat up, as my stomach growled. Time to wake up. I pulled myself out of bed and into something comfortable, but not pajamas. I ended up with an old, worn pair of jeans, that I was almost getting a hole in the right knee, but not yet, and a short sleeved, somewhat baggy shirt with the logo for a 'save the polar ice caps' camp that I'd wanted to go to, emblazoned on the chest. The logo was a very cute, if sort of sad cartoon polar bear looking over the edge of an iceberg at the camera. I didnt get to go to the camp, but I did end up getting a shirt in the mail anyway. Pulling on some slip-on shoes, the same pair I'd worn out to the lake a few days ago. I slipped out of my room and down the hall to Flynn's door.

Where I hesitated. Should I knock? Would he be awake from my alarm, or did he fall back to sleep? He usually opened the door anyway before I knocked anyway. I should have brought my own popcorn--but before breakfast?

I think Flynn could tell when I'd stopped hesitating and started to knock, because just as I raised my fist, the door opened.

"Admit it," I said, putting my raised fist on my hip. "You look through the keyhole."

"I do not," He scoffed, "I just know." He opened the door wider and gave me a good view of the room. His TV was already set up and the boxed set of the Extended Lord of the Rings was sitting next to it. Extended, I knew it. I grinned.

"What do you say to eating breakfast before diving into the thrills of Middle Earth?" I asked.

The End

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